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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Extreme Liberty

So I went out for some air and sunlight yesterday as I like to do, and ended up producing the video above. I'm amending the birthday giveaway contest to add that if you embed this video in an update on your blog, you get two more entries in the drawing. Just remember to e-mail me with a link to your post.

Here are some previous shenanigans:

What can I say? Libertarians like to have fun (Plus it's always good to know how the U.S. Dollar must feel by traveling downward at a high velocity! Did I already make that joke in the video? Oh well... this is a long parenthetical statement.).


  1. Excellent choice for a fun giveaway and I liked your vid too!

  2. COOL! And I had a good laugh at the dollar similarity. Clever

    My blog post is updated with this vid now


  3. Repeater75: Thanks! I've got to say that I'm more excited about my blog's birthday than I have been about my birthdays lately!

    TennZen: Thanks so much! You rock my world. Your write-up on The Humble Libertarian is very heartwarming and encouraging.