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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live Interview With RJ Harris Sunday at 7 CT!

RJ Harris is an Army veteran with two deployments to Iraq who is now ready to serve his country here on the home front.

He has boldly challenged the establishment incumbent and career politician Tom Cole, for the U.S. Congress seat representing the Fourth District of Oklahoma.

(More on RJ Harris here)

Tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 20th) I will have the exciting privilege of interviewing Mr. Harris live at 7:00 pm Central Time (8 EST / 6 MTN).

The interview will stream live over the Internet via Blog Talk Radio, and you can listen to the show here or just visit here again at The Humble Libertarian where I will have a widget ready to play the show live for you.

Sorry, I will not be taking calls for the show, but if this works out well and I decide to do some live shows more frequently, I would love to take callers in the future to discuss politics and current events.

You are encouraged however, to discuss and respond via Twitter using The Humble Libertarian's hashtag: #THL

If you are free tomorrow for just thirty minutes between 7 and 7:30 Central, please take this opportunity to get better acquainted with a candidate we can count on to diminish the role, size, and influence of the United States government.

See you there!


  1. For those of us that missed it, is there any recording or text version you can post?

  2. Yes! You can listen to the show here. It should play automatically when the page loads.

    I will be publishing a post tomorrow with excerpts from the interview transcribed to text.