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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Answers to Obama's Health Care Speech Quiz

Feel free to click the image to get a bigger version that you can read.

I got an e-mail with a link to this article (Michelle Malkin covered it too) about a high school teacher whose school didn't show Obama's speech to students, but who just couldn't live without indoctrinating those students' fertile little minds, so he (she?) played a video of Obama's speech to Congress with his health care proposal, and made them take a quiz on it afterward.

Note: this was not for a civics or government class- it was an anatomy class. There's really no reason to play the video and give a graded quiz like this that has nothing to do with anatomy. It's unprofessional, partisan, and petty (and just not fair to the students).

Anyways, the author of the post, Teri- put up a screen shot of the quiz the students were made to take, and I decided I'd have a little fun with it. I was always a bit of a "smart alec" in school (which some teachers found charming and others tried very hard to correct), so this was a fun, nostalgic little exercise in principled self-destruction for the sake of Truth (and laughs).


  1. Were they given this quiz before or after they watched "The Story of Stuff" and Pledged Allegiance to our Leader in Charge?

  2. Well, it's an anatomy class, so probably after a lesson on butt-kissing.

  3. I love this Wes, we all need a little laugh. Also, I wrote up something for you and posted it. My Gmail is down so I'll talk to you tomorrow.....

  4. Thanks, Reb! I see your post and am extremely grateful to you! I am just pumped to keep fighting the good fight. I'm certainly glad we touched base the other day.

  5. Ordinarily, I don't traffic with Libertarians but Track says you're o.k. and that's good enough for me. Seriously, you do good work son. Love the quiz to pieces. Will stop back by often.. do the same, y'all heah?

    ~Войска ПВО

  6. KOOK- I do appreciate it! Makes me smile too :)

    Войска ПВО- Thanks! Who do you typically traffic with (so that I can get a better idea of where you're coming from)?

    Also- I note the Slavic characters. Is this in parody, or do are you of Slavic origin culturally/linguistically? And what does your name/title mean?

  7. Wes, I know absolutely FA about editing/scribbling on photos - what program did you use to deface this quiz about The One?

  8. Hilarious, I love your answer to number 10!

  9. Track-A-'Crat: Thanks! I did it in PhotoShop. The handwriting is the "Bradley Hand" font. I can't remember what the "teacher's" handwriting is, but it's another font.

    Forgotten Liberty: Yeah, that's my favorite one too!