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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Experience At The 912 March on DC

Photo © 2009 Heidi Moseley - All Rights Reserved

By: Heidi Moseley
, THL Contributor

My sister, Karen, my mom, Jan, and I drove for 9 1/2 hours through Tennessee and Virginia. It was a beautiful drive. We got into Fairfax, VA on Friday night about 10:30. Our friend Jessica from NYC had flown to DC and stayed in the hotel with us. And two other friends, Amy Davis and her mother Diana drove on their own and stayed at the same hotel.

So we had a pretty good sized group for not really being part of a 9/12 Project Group or a national organization. We got very little sleep on Friday night because we were so very excited to be there making history. We woke up early on Saturday morning, packed up what we would need for the day and headed to the subway station. Thousands of Americans flooded out of the subway and into Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th St.

There was a stage set up in the center of Freedom Plaza with speakers and music playing. Since we were there early, there weren't many people, maybe about 5,000. Within two hours the numbers had swelled to over 100,000 in Freedom Plaza, with more still coming. Some people started out at the Capitol and skipped the march from the Plaza to the Capitol. Others crowded Pennsylvania Ave for the march which was supposed to started about 11:30 local time.

The DC police told the organizers to start the march early at 9:30. You can check here for images of the crowd cross-referenced with the National Park Service's schematic for estimating crowd size. There were easily 100,000’s if not 1,000,000+ who marched. The march itself was filled with singing of patriotic songs and chants of "Can you hear us now!" among others. We got to the Capitol in about 20-30 minutes and walked around looking for a place to sit to listen to the speakers.

Our mothers sat while we girls walked around to take photos and meet other patriots. My signs were a hit -"Just Say No to Chicago Style Politics" with President Obama as a 1930's gangster and "Nazi Pelosi -You can keep the Fascism I'll Keep My Freedom" with Nancy Pelosi bearing a Hitler mustache. We were stopped every few minutes to have our photos taken by one person then 5 other people would also want pictures. After walking for about an hour we decided to find our mothers and listen to the speakers for a while.

The speakers were very moving and getting to know people from all over our country was really inspiring. The rally lasted until after 4, but about 2pm we needed to start walking again so we could take some photos of the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. We walked to the monuments, which were really stirring and very beautiful. DC is such a lovely city. It's sad that there is such a cancer of corruption in Washington.

While some mainstream media outlets reported that 50,000-70,000 showed up, please know from this marcher that there were so many more people than that. Take a look at the photos for yourself. Talk to those who were there. Know the truth. Come yourself for the next event. I hope you were a part of a Tea Party that was hosted in your local area if you were not able to make it to DC.

It was truly one of the most monumental things that I have ever done in my entire life. It reminded me that no matter what the mainstream media says, I am not ALONE!!! There are MILLIONS of us out there and the House and the Senate better start listening or they will be out of a job in 2010.

PS: FOXNews, ABC News, and several other media outlets used the following photo from the 912 rally and we were in it!

Editor's Note: Regarding the article you have just read, I cannot imagine a more eloquent answer to the common, though baseless charge that the 912 rally and "tea party" movement are comprised mostly of angry, white men. Short of scientific sampling data, I can find no more compelling an argument than all of the women I know- and know of- who are driving this tea party movement with their hard work and passionate belief in the principles of limited, republican government, individual liberty, and strict Constitutionalism.

-W. E. Messamore

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  1. HA! We were there too, and I can vouch for eveything you say. And I swear I saw you guys in Freedom Plaza. I remember the watermelon poster.
    Keep up the good work pretty ladies!