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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Small Push For Liberty: Fundraising Quarter About to End

Rand Paul's 3rd Quarter Closing Update:

The Rand Paul campaign is on the verge of a groundbreaking achievement- they are about to raise $1 million in one quarter (outfundraising Dr. Paul's primary opponent, Trey Grayson for the quarter). But Rand needs your help!

The ticker on his website needs to cross $1,112,000 by midnight tonight in order to reach that goal, which means as of 12:30 PM Central we need to raise Rand Paul just $17,000 by midnight.

You think the group that raised him four hundred and thirty thousand dollars on one day last month can handle that? Me too!

Please give even just a little ($10 or $25 makes a huge difference!) right this second. Reporting over a million for the quarter sounds much better and will generate far more press than reporting "almost a million" for the quarter.

Adam Kokesh for Congress

Another Liberty Candidate- Adam Kokesh is having a "mini-money-bomb" today to push past $100,000k for the quarter in his New Mexico congressional district. At just under $90k as of 12:30 PM Central today, he needs roughly the same amount as Dr. Paul to push past his goal.

Please give even just a little to his campaign right now. If you don't know very much about these two gentlemen and why their campaigns merit your contribution, visit their websites and read through their issue pages.

They are true patriots, dedicated to preserving our liberties and rule-of-law. You can bet neither one will ever vote for a corporate bailout bill, so-called stimulus package, cap-and-trade scheme, or government take-over of your health care!

In the meantime, you can count on them to diminish the role, power, and influence of the federal government. Could you ask for a better congressman or senator?

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