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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Revising Top 100 Libertarian Blogs & Websites List

Earlier this year, I put together a wildly popular list of the Top 100 Libertarian Blogs and Websites on the Internet (if you don't believe me, just Google "libertarian websites" and see what turns up at the top of the results).

Well it's time for another revision of the list. Over the past few months, as I've grown better-acquainted with the libertarian movement and its presence on the Internet, I have noticed some pretty glaring oversights on the list.

Additionally, I still get feedback about the list with more websites to consider, both in my inbox and in comments on the list itself and this post announcing a previous revision.

So please take a look at the list, peruse the comments at both of the links above, and feel free to drop some more suggestions in the comment thread of this post so that I can make the list better than ever!

I'm also considering expanding it to include the Top 150 Libertarian Blogs and Websites on the Internet, in which case I'll need more blogs to consider. Feel free to comment on whether or not you think that's a good idea (and why or why not).

Last of all, please don't feel bad if yours doesn't get included or gets bumped from the list as I rearrange. No slight is intended. Use it as motivation to make your blog or website even better. This list is never final or set in stone (as evidenced by this second revision in one year).

I just want to make the list as helpful and comprehensive as possible, and my criteria and methodology are admittedly unscientific.

I'll announce when the revision is finished in a post on this blog. Subscribe or keep checking back to stay updated.

Thanks so much, and while you're here, please check out The Humble Libertarian's birthday giveaway contest. It's really easy to enter and the prizes are awesome!


  1. I'd love to be added:
    Left And Right Politics

  2. I focus on Libertarian issues within the context of Canada.

    Libertarianism, Canadian Style - by Robert New


  4. I'd like to add as a submission my blog Political Policy. It's content vry much supports the libertarian principles

    Blog of the South Carolina Policy Council, the only free market think tank in South Carolina


    (for my own information)

  7. I thought your top 100 libertarian sites was spot on. While I am not a "pure" Libertarian by some standards, my ideology is within the spectrum and you gave a good list of reading material for folks like me.

  8. Thanks, Andrew. It is a great resource... I use it myself to stay in touch with some of the best libertarian writing out there.