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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sugar Shortage? Abolishing Sugar Import Quotas and Corn Subsidies

With a looming sugar shortage in the United States, I have written and published an article to Break the Matrix entitled "Revisiting America's Sugar and Corn Policies."

Here's an excerpt:

The fact is that capping the amount of sugar Americans are allowed to import is unambiguously pro (sugar) producer and unambiguously anti consumer (as well as anti producers-who-use-sugar like Hershey's or Coca-Cola). Why should sugar growers get legal benefits at the expense of other companies that are coerced into paying higher prices for the sugar they use, the employees of those companies who compete with raw materials for their wages, and the American consumers who are forced to buy goods at inflated prices from those companies?

Read the full article here. (And Digg it here!)

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