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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wishing Dave The Best

Humble Libertarian reader and commentator Dave e-mailed me recently to let me know that he is meeting up with grassroots organizers in his local area to take a bus (they've already filled up four!) to Washington D.C. and join the 912 march.

Dave told me, "I've decided to put my money and my feet where my mouth is." Here's wishing you the best, Dave! You might even bump into THL contributor Heidi and her van full of patriots, who will be attending the march.

I'm so proud to see my fellow Americans coming together to send a message loud and clear to the looters in Washington. Dave's absolutely right- we need to suit action to words. Now is the time for action if there has ever been one in American history.

If anyone else is going to the 912 march on Washington or has similarly exciting stories of activism, please share in the comment thread.


  1. Wow I am humbled to be mentioned in "The Humble Libertarian" I guess that's Humble squared. I've been reading meetup sites about 912. I believe there is going to be an incredible amount of people there. There is an 80 year old couple travelling from Texas to DC in their motorhome, how cool is that? And it appears it is not a movement of angry white men. In reading the postings there appears to be a majority of women coming to this event. The majority of them post something like this " I have never felt motivated to do something like this before, but I feel I must standup for what I believe in" This is a real grass roots, not Astro-Turf movement. I had to search out information about this and how to get there. No one told me go here, do that, hold this pre-made sign. In fact one thing I was encouraged to do is NOT bring a professional sign. If I want a sign, do it myself and say it from my heart. I'm still thinking of the Right Thing to say short and poignant. If you are interested I suggest you use your favorite search engine to look up 912, teaparty, or Thank you W.E. & Humble Libertarian for inspiring me to be more involved in my government and my future. Dave

  2. I will be there from CA with with husband, kids, and parents as representatives of our extended WORKING, TAX-PAYING family. We will not sit quietly as the government tries to take over. I attended the previous two on my own and can only assume from the attendees that more women have flexibility in their schedules, as it did seem primarily retirees and women. Some college-age Campaign for Liberty types too. God bless them! So encouraging to see some of the younger folk interested in real liberty. I am disappointed in the lack of leadership, activism coming from the Libertarian Party itself. Why are their not emails from the party asking for volunteers to man tables, pass flyers about the LP at the tea-parties? When a group of people form that are furious with both major parties, you would think it would be time to step up with some real ideas and solutions. Only Cato is doing a good job at getting a reasoned argument out there. I have seen zilch from the LP. So disappointed.

  3. I am travelling to Washington on Friday from Ft. Lauderdale and plan on keeping my blog updated with pics and video from the event.

    I am also underwhelmed by the initiative shown by the LP to "strike while the iron is hot." Neither the elephant or the donkey is very popular right now and the time is right again for a third party. Especially a party whose message is Smaller Government-Lower Taxes-More Freedom.

  4. Dave- you're the man. Please do e-mail me your account of the event. I am excited to hear from all the people I know who are going.

    Jms4liberty- the LP is fumbling an amazing opportunity right now. I have started to hear this a lot lately.

    It rocks that Dave mentioned how strong a role women are playing in this movement only for the next comment to come from a patriotic, liberty-loving woman who's going with her husband, kids, and parents to the rally. Thanks so much! I'll be rooting for you all.

    Lance- excellent! I'll be keeping an eye on your blog this 912. Thanks for the blogroll add, I am adding yours to mine as soon as I click "Post Comment."