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Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy First Birthday Humble Libertarian!

It's only one year old- still a baby- and already done so much! Just imagine what this website will do as a toddler or child. I can't even begin to fathom what it will have transformed into by the time it's an adolescent or full grown adult.

I like that photo above as representative of this website because that baby looks so determined and tough! He's moving forward with purpose and staring into the glow of a bright future, daring life's challenges to come his way. That's how I picture my baby- The Humble Libertarian.

As I noted earlier this week:

The Humble Libertarian has grown in leaps and bounds since it first started on October 2nd of last year, from a blog that had only two visitors (me and my partner in crime, Ben Bryan) to a blog that has averaged nearly a thousand page views a day (with nearly five hundred unique visitors daily) totaling over twenty-five thousand page views for the month of September 2009.

With your help and support THL has also been instrumental in promoting U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul's 2010 bid for Kentucky's open seat. This May, just days after Rand Paul (son of Congressman Ron Paul) announced his exploratory committee, I conceived, and with your help: launched, planned, promoted, executed (successfully!), and publicized the very first Rand Paul money bomb ever, raising Rand Paul twenty-five thousand dollars in a single day- all right here at THL!

But in the short time since writing that, we've hit a number of other important milestones just in time for THL's first birthday!

The day that promotional post went up and out to all my subscribers, a number of you stood up and promoted THL from your blogs and websites (not the least of which was a link from the libertarian Cato Institute to my list of Top 100 Libertarian Websites)- resulting in a record of over 2,000 unique visitors in one day.

Then later in the week, the Humble Libertarian's Twitter Account, passed the 1,000 follower mark. So like any human one-year-old, this blog is still growing like crazy and I appreciate all the help and support you've shown in the past two weeks and over the past year. It is an amazing privilege to be living my dream- spreading the message of liberty one heart and mind at a time.

The Birthday Giveaway

The Giveaway Contest is now closed and I will be compiling all the entries and doing a drawing very soon. I will then e-mail (or tweet as necessary) the three winners, arrange to send them their prizes, and announce them by first name and state here on the blog.

So keep an eye on your inboxes (and your spam boxes- I'd hate for my e-mail to get stuck in someone's spam box) and be ready to reply to me promptly so I can get everyone their prizes and make an announcement.

Other than that announcement, you will see no more promotional posts here in a long time! Instead I've just got some really great content in store for you and some new contributors with excellent ideas lined up as well.

As you may have noticed, we've ramped up volume from the typical one-a-day post, to more like two-a-day. We hope to keep that steady and even start to grow it for more comprehensive coverage and analysis.


  1. Happy Birthday and congrats! I've only been blogging since June, and I can't imagine doing anything else. Keep up the great work!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It is so awesome how your blog has grown and expanded over the past year. Good Luck in all your future endeavors!!

  3. Congrats. I have enjoyed reading and will continue to do so, even if you post pictures of naked babies--disgusting little fiends they are.

  4. B&GFan- Thanks! So that puts you at around the four month mark. Keep pushing onward and it just gets better and better from here.

    Teresa- Thanks so much! I've added your blog to the blogroll on my links page and will be sure to stop in.

    Daryl- Thank you, sir. I have definitely appreciated your enthusiasm and great commentary these past months.

    And I think that baby above is the coolest dude ever! He just looks tough as nails.