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Monday, October 5, 2009

Live Interview with Chris Simcox Wed. at 9 CT!

Who is Chris Simcox?

Chris Simcox is an American school teacher and small business entrepreneur who knows what it means to work hard, set a budget, and operate in the real world.

As the founder of a local newspaper and the notorious Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, you could call Chris a "community organizer" of sorts- the conservative sort!

He is courageously staging a Republican Primary challenge to the establishment incumbent and career politician John McCain, for the U.S. Senate seat representing the great state of Arizona.

The Interview- Wed, Oct. 7, 2009 9pm CT

This Wednesday, October 7, 2009- I will have the exciting privilege of interviewing Mr. Simcox live at 9:00 pm Central Time (10 EST / 7 PAC). It will be just thirty minutes long.

The interview will stream live over the Internet via Blog Talk Radio, and you can listen to the show here or just visit The Humble Libertarian again where I will have a link ready to take you to the show page.

More Interviews In The Works!

This is the second live interview I've done, after an excellent show last month with Oklahoma Army Veteran and U.S. Congress Candidate, RJ Harris. And I've already got a third one lined up soon with a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute.

I'm working hard to make The Humble Libertarian your stop for exclusive interviews with the movers and shakers of liberty in this country.

So keep on checking back and drop in Wednesday evening at 9 o'clock Central to hear an interview with a controversial and well-credentialed US Senate contender.

See you there!


  1. Hi Jim, as promised, I've research Chris Simcox, you were right! Many believe anyone is better than John McCain, even Simcox. I've been trying to educate them. Any information you might have would be helpful. I found Chris Simcox "had" a page on the 9.12ers site last week, its not there anymore. On his page was a post, saying he was "untrustworthy", sited by the Goldwater Foundation (I believe foundation) They rate those that are running in the next election. You were rated fairly high as a conservative. Are you going to be at the Tucson Tea Party event on Oct. 10th? I would also like to know if I am talking to Jim Deakin himself or someone on his staff? Please let me know. I will continue with my research and as long as I continue to find you worthy of my vote, I will do my best in spreading the word. I would also like to know if you have ever heard of the Oathkeepers? The MSM is trying to portray them as an extremist group, I assure you they are not. There's a reason I ask. Many Sheriff's and Military personnel, including here in Arizona, belong to the Oathkeepers. They are very strict as being a non-violent organization and have kicked out several who espoused violence. Their goal is to educate those in the Military and Law Enforcement about their "oath" to the Constitution and what that means. Period! Thank you for your time! Lisa