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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Note: Check Your E-mail

To everyone who participated in my blog's giveaway contest last month, I have finally finished compiling a list of all the entries, cutting them out, putting them in a hat (cliché, I know), and drawing for the prize winners.

Please check your in-boxes and give your spam boxes a quick glance, because I imagine my e-mail could trigger spam protection with all these words like "you won," "prize," "giveaway," (etc.).

I'll give all three winners a couple days to get back to me, but if you take too long, I'll have to draw again (something I've had to do once or twice in past giveaways).

I am looking forward to announcing the winners here soon! Thanks so much for participating, everybody. You made my blog's first birthday a blast!


  1. Unless I won Viagra, I guess I'm out of luck on this one.

  2. That's alright, rmcc4444- I am still waiting for two of the winners to respond, so you might still be in play.

    And if you don't win this time, there will be more contests. In one year, I've done three, so I'm averaging every four months.