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Friday, October 9, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Prize

This morning, I imagine Americans everywhere were doing a double take at the news tickers and headlines on their televisions and computer screens. "Wow! I did read that right... Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize. What the hell for?"

The U.S. President said that he was "both surprised and deeply humbled." I'm praying that he was humbled enough not to escalate in the Middle East. In fact, a columnist at the American Thinker argues that that was the point of awarding him the prize:

The award is a not so veiled attempt to make it psychologically impossible for Obama to now send 40 thousand more American troops to Afghanistan. To do so would be to spit in the face of his most adoring audience in his favorite venue, the vague and undefined world stage.

To be entirely honest, as someone who does not see troop escalation in Afghanistan as the best strategy for America's national defense, I can almost sympathize with the Nobel Institute's reasoning if that is in fact the case. Almost.

While hoping to play the part of Obama the Magnanimous (but only because he's Obama the Vain), the President said that he didn't believe he was receiving this reward for his personal accomplishments and that he doesn't deserve to share it with past recipients.

Unless he's talking about Yasser Arafat and Al Gore, then for once Mr. President, I agree with you! Not only does he not deserve it for anything he's done yet as President of the United States, he certainly didn't do anything to deserve it by February 1st of this year, the deadline for nominations.

You read that right. FoxNews notes that the deadline for nominations was February 1st, just 12 days after Mr. Obama was inaugurated on January 20th. Click the link and you'll find a detailed rundown of exactly what the President did from January 20th to February 1st to get nominated (nothing).

Meanwhile, the American Spectator hits hard, saying that "the American president is perfectly happy being a Carter-like posterboy for American weakness." The American Thinker also opines that we've crossed over into the Twilight Zone, where something bizarre and inexplicable happens every time you turn around... sounds about right.

A columnist at the Huffington Post sums the situation up succinctly with the headline "Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize for Not Being George Bush." Too bad he is George W. Bush in all the worst ways. Last of all, Michelle Malkin chronicles Obama's rise despite an utter lack of any real concrete achievement.

If Ayn Rand were alive today, she could tell you that it is precisely because of his lack of merit that Obama has advanced so far. In her best-selling novel, Atlas Shrugged- for those of you who've read it- the fictional American President, Mr. Thompson is the perfect archetype and prophecy of Mr. Obama's merited rise.

Remember? Yeah, it's all coming true now. We are entering into a bizarre Twilight Zone world. Even two key White House aides didn't believe the news, asking "It's not April 1st is it?" No- it's not. And yes- the Noble Peace Prize has become a joke.


  1. Nearly 200,000 troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Two combat zones. We're still losing troops from time to time in Iraq. Afghanistan is an open-ended, raging war. The military is suffering from high suicide rates and a post-traumatic stress disorder epidemic because of so many deployments. He ordered one troop surge in Afghanistan already and may institute a second. Let's go ahead and ask our men and women fighting for their lives if he's worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. you got all my sentiments exactly. Although you and I might not agree on Afghanistan. I persoannly think we should be able to have a weenie roast over the whole godforsaken country. But that is just me. Iraq? There is never going to be peace there even if we stay 100 years. And I dont want our people over there any more.

    My opinion is if it was important enought to go we should go fast, strike hard, level the damn place, remove their will to F with us and get the F home.

  3. Obama has done nothing to deserve The Nobel Peace Prize. What the heck has he sacrificed for peace? Nada

    I agree with KOOK. I believe that Obama must listen to his commanders in Afghanistan. Obama has no first-hand knowledge of how military operations work, so he needs to listen to the people who do know what they are doing, which are his commanders. I wish, although unrealistic, that we could first get all the innocent civilians out of Afghanistan. Then, I think we should blow the place to smithereens. But, we should definitely finish what we started there.

  4. "[T]he President said that he didn't believe he was receiving this reward for his personal accomplishments and that he doesn't deserve to share it with past recipients."

    Funny, that struck me as perhaps the first candid thing the man has said in quite a few years, at least publicly.