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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama's Olympic Misstep

He should have known better. Really. With more troops dying than ever before in Afghanistan, a nearly-nuclear Iran provoking a trigger-happy Israel, skyrocketing unemployment rates in the US, and several other "big-picture" problems to look after and take care of... going to Copenhagen was an impulsive and costly mistake for Mr. Obama.

Surely he had advisers telling him not to go. I have to believe that he has some people on staff who were perceptive enough to remind the President that failure would cost the country by further weakening Barack Obama's image abroad and adding to his record of impotence in all things foreign-related.

Even victory- as good as it would make him feel to see the Olympics on his old stomping grounds- would make the President look aloof and self-interested at a time when America needs him most. Is Mr. Obama's staff just filled with too many "yes" men, or did his ego get in the way of the admonitions to stay home and take care of business?

In the aftermath- the political fallout has been very serious. Aside from the Drudge Report's hard-hitting headline in all caps: "THE EGO HAS LANDED," here is some other coverage of the event:

-As it turns out, Michelle Obama lied while arguing in favor of Chicago to the committee.

-The National Review reports just how much Obama's trip cost the US taxpayer (I doubt Chicago will be volunteering to write the check for the rest of us).

-The American Spectator insults the President in a way that even I find harsh- by comparing him to Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan.

-The American Thinker chronicles how self-important and downright insulting the administration is being to the rest of the world over this.

-Brazil is all atwitter with a jab against Obama.

- The Times details Obama's fall from grace.

-And Jimmy Carter actually called the Olympic Committee "racist" for rejecting Obama's appeal.


  1. I think Obama's ego just got crushed like a pancake. There are much more pressing issues at hand right now, and somehow he felt justified to go fleeting off to put in a bid, or a for a last push for the Olympics. Obama needs to start getting his priorities straight and to start acting like a commander-in-chief.