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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Political Iconography Video

This is an excellent, must-see short video about the power of symbolism in politics. It amazes and annoys me that "socialists" see and understand this concept so clearly, while libertarians and "conservatives" seem oblivious.

Power and Danger of Iconography:

H/T: The 912 Project


  1. Maybe Libertarians and Conservatives dodged a bullet... just as the video eventually points out the knife cuts both ways... and now the "O" is starting to show up everywhere with a negative connotation attached to it... so, as the nation fights the drive to socialism or even marxism the "O" starts to suspiciously look to be morphing into another huge icon: the sickle & the hammer...

  2. Fantastic video, thank you for sharing. Conservatives/Libertarians/Constitutionalists have, compared to the liberal/progressive movement, failed to effectively package and promote themselves to the masses (though no doubt, the conflict of a biased media has made this even more difficult). Here's hoping that someone in the higher echelons of the more conservative organizations can succeed in capitalizing on these concepts in the next couple years...

  3. Ja_ke_ I think you may be right!

    Diana- I don't think the people in the upper echelons have a freaking clue! It's up to you and me and a million other every-day, hardworking, grassroots Americans to take the lead on this.