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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Should We Abandon The American Flag?

Discussion Point - 10/3/09: Should true patriots abandon the American flag in favor of an alternative?

Left: A photo depicting the "Flag of the Second American Revolution." Click the photo to see its source.

A follow-up question would be: Does even asking the question make you an intolerable nut-job on the fringe of the resurgent center-right freedom movement in America? Or is it a perfectly fair one to ask?

This blogger raises the question, citing a recent article by Chuck Norris calling for an alternative flag to set true patriots apart from the rest of Americans who are running this country into the ground.

Please set aside for the moment, Mr. Norris' conception of an ideal American patriot who he sees as someone who "will serve God and the republic as the Founders did."

For our purposes, let's just say "Americans of all kinds who want to severely reduce and limit the size, role, and influence of government." Should such Americans fly a different flag?

Suggestions for alternatives include, the "Betsy Ross" flag with the 13 stars for the 13 original states, the Gadsden flag or First Navy Jack (which depict a snake and the motto: "Dont Tread On Me"), or the "Flag of the Second Revolution" -a modified "Betsy Ross" flag with a "II" to indicate a Second American Revolution.

In the last Discussion Point, "Do We Work Within The Two Party System?" commentators left some excellent thoughts. I felt however, that there was very little exchange going on. While saying contrary things, the commentators didn't respond enough to each others thoughts.

I'm not trying to egg on a fight here (and certainly expect discussion and debate to be charitable and kind), but please let me encourage you to offer rebuttals to another commentator's thesis when it contradicts yours. The whole point of this is to learn from and sharpen each other.

Here's some relevant music to listen to while you're writing and thinking: