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Thursday, November 19, 2009

All I want for Christmas is... OBAMACARE?

By: Heidi Moseley, THL Contributor

I think not. Nancy Pelosi said that she hopes to get her monstrosity of health care "reform" passed by Christmastime for the American people. Strange… I don’t remember sitting on Nancy Claus’ lap telling her I wanted a 1900 page bill that will cost the taxpayers (you and me) over a trillion dollars. I actually told Santa that I wanted brown leather boots for Christmas.

Why do Nancy and the rest of her cronies think that they know what I need better than I do? Because they are "Progressives" who think that We the People are stupid and cannot make good enough choices for ourselves so they must step in and do it for us. Speaker Pelosi: I do not want what you’re handing out for Christmas. My husband and I know what is best for our family, not you, Nancy. This is just one more example of Progressives thinking they know how to take care of us instead of letting us succeed or fail on our own.

Some people do make the choice to not have health insurance, but they still receive health care by paying for it themselves or using the emergency room as a Primary Care Provider. There is not a health care shortage. Yes, there are probably 8-10 million people out there who would like to purchase health insurance but are not able to due to pre-existing conditions, but not the 46 million President B. O. likes to tout.

When you take out those who choose not to have health insurance but can afford it and illegal aliens who should not receive taxpayer dollars, the numbers are much more manageable. Why would it take over $1,200,000,000,000.00 (that’s a lot of 0’s!) to cover 8-10 million people? It would be considerably more efficient, not to mention cheaper, to move those people onto the unconstitutional Medicaid program.

So Nancy Claus all I really want for Christmas is freedom. Freedom to choose my insurance provider. Freedom to choose to not have insurance. Freedom to choose if and when and how to be charitable to those less fortunate. Freedom to live my life as I see fit and deal with the consequences of my actions.

And I still want those boots too.