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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Climate Change Quote of the Day

A "scientific consensus" is not science. "Consensus" is a political word. Politicians reach "Consensus." Scientists reach "factual conclusions" based on evidence.

Source: "Climate Change is All About Power"


  1. There is not enough evidence gathered in the last 50 years to know squat about climate. (Ive been studying hurricanes and climate since '81 when I saw my first hurricane)

  2. Actually, if anything we are about to enter a serious cooling phase for NAmerica and Europe!!!

  3. Floods and draughts happening regularly are the best indicators of climate change apart from rise in global temperatures. Climate change effects the regions economy and well being of its citizens to a large extent. The direct impact can be seen in the agricultural-based regions of the world.

  4. The climate has been in flux since the beginning of time. During the "midieval warm period" from 900-1300 AD, how many SUVs were being used? Was it climate change legislation that caused the "little Ice age" from 1300-1850? If we are experiencing Global Warming, why has the warm AMO cycle for the Atlantic Ocean that generally lasts 30 years seemingly ended after 13? Trust me when I tell you, a warmer planet is preferable to a colder one. Man made climate change is a big fat hoax. If CO2 is building up in the air, (CO2 is heavier than oxygen and nitrogen), why have average sea level barometric pressures not risen?

  5. Oh and Nancy, has a longer growing season caused our economic problems? If global warming was happening, the climate I experience where everything stays green year-round, and there are 2 growing seasons would have spread northward. It has not done so.


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