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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Health Care Bill and Your Rights as a Parent

Guest Post By: RJ Harris

The Ninth Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects your un-enumerated rights. The Supreme Court has held that the right to have children is a fundamental right and therefore is indeed protected by this amendment.

Hand in hand with this right, is the right to raise your children as you see fit according to your own beliefs, morals and standards so long as those do not infringe upon the child's own rights to life, liberty, property or unenumerated rights (remembering that you are the guardian of your children's rights until they reach the age(s) of consent).

As a parent then, and the legal guardian of your children's inalienable as well as constitutionally protected rights, what are you going to do when a panel of government bean counters says that you cannot have your baby, you MUST abort him, because he has Down Syndrome and he will present an unacceptable cost on the now socialized health care system?

As a parent then, what are you going to do when life saving treatment is refused to your child because it is deemed costly to the system or because it's chance of success is lower than what the newly commissioned "Federal Health Agency" believes is acceptable even if the doctors want to try and save your child's life.

As a parent then, what are you going to do when government bureaucrats, heavily lobbied by the pharmaceutical industry and under the authority about to be given to them by Congress through this bill, FORCE your children to have administered to them experimental vaccinations and inoculations as was done to hundreds of thousands of Desert Storm soldiers in 1990?

As a parent then, what are you going to do when the government uses hereditary dispositions and government mandated DNA testing to determine that your child's potential future medical conditions, as well as those he could pass on to his children, require that he be sterilized?

As a parent then, are you going to sit there and take this from a federal government whose only job is supposed to be to protect our individual liberty and state sovereignty? When you are in a government run neo-natal facility about to have your baby forcibly aborted…it will be too late to make your stand against these tyrannies.

When your child is turned away from a government cancer or heart defect facility…it will be too late to make your stand against these tyrannies. When you come home from work and find out that your child was vaccinated without your consent while she was at school…it will be too late to make your stand against these tyrannies.

When your child suffers horrible debilitating reactions to experimental inoculations, as did thousands of Desert Storm soldiers to their experimental anthrax inoculations…it will be too late to make your stand against these tyrannies.

When a routine check-up in a government run health clinic finds your child is a victim of a hereditary disease that could be wiped out if all carriers were sterilized…it will be too late for you to make your stand against these tyrannies.

You must make your stand now! Vote to replace any Congressman or Senator that voted/votes for this bill and make sure that they know now that that is what you’re going to do. Should this bill pass, call, email and write your Governor's office and tell her that you demand she protect the citizenry of your state from these unconstitutional tyrannies and if she refuses…then make sure you vote for a Liberty Candidate to replace her.

For example, State Senator Randy Brogdon, Candidate for Governor of Oklahoma, has said that he will block at the border all unconstitutional federal infringements into Oklahoma sovereignty and personal liberty that Washington foists upon the states.

I have said that as Congressman I will not vote for ANY unconstitutional legislation or spending. My friends, these are the leaders we need. Electing persons of courage and audacity to fight for us is how we make our stand against these tyrannies BEFORE they can gain a hold.

Fellow parents, if we allow this government to continue down this progressive road to socialism unchecked by our political force…it will take more than votes to make our stand against these tyrannies.

And when the fighting requires more than an appearance at a town hall meeting or some time to investigate the candidates or a donation to a Constitutional Conservative, we will have the awful shame of knowing that we were the generation that squandered our children's birthright of freedom bequeathed to them by the Spirit of the Founders.

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