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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How High-Profile CEOs Could Revitalize the Libertarian Party

Article by: Carlos Watson
If the two-party system is ever going to be seriously challenged, this is the moment. The GOP, the stall-tactic party, is reeling. The Democratic administration is struggling to turn around the economy. And across the country, creative, engaged folks are increasingly feeling politically homeless. More Americans consider themselves independents (39%) than Democrats (33%) or Republicans (22%) -- and the gap is widening.

Who will fill that void? Sarah Palin is rumored to be mulling the idea of starting a third party, pulling together social and fiscal conservatives alienated from the GOP. The Blue Dog Democrats, turned off by President Barack Obama's spending, could reach across the aisle to moderate Republicans and try to attract independents. But the best third-party contender already exists. The Libertarians, like so many independents and disaffected Democrats and Republicans, are fiscal conservatives and social liberals -- and no one has yet built a lasting coalition out of this growing force.
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  1. Well, finally a post that gives one hope!

    If Libertarians believe in their ideas then they need to break away from Republicans and the conservative malcontent crowd that pimps for Sarah Palin and the Fox News crowd.

    Never a better time than NOW! I know I would be very supportive of a fiscally conservative, isolationistic, socially liberal (or at least stay out of the social issues altogether) and a party based upon the fundamental belief in the individual over special interests.

    That also pretty much covers 70% of Americans too!

    Don't shoot for the moon but rather pick up senate and house seats....but if you tie your wagon to the republicans then you end up being no different...ask Rand Paul.

  2. Doesn't it? Makes me think it's really possible if the LP plays it smart.


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