Friday, November 20, 2009

Is Beaman Automotive of Nashville Trying To Oust Matt Collins From the DCRP?

In a recent development regarding the attempted ousting of Constitutional Conservative, Matt Collins from the Davidson County Republican Party (more on this story here and here), it turns out that an e-mail of Mr. Collins' was leaked to a local online newspaper.

In it, Mr. Collins requests discovery of all e-mails regarding him and the potential removal of him from his position as First Vice Chair of the DCRP, listing several names of people personally and professionally involved in this matter.

What I found interesting was the name of Lee Beaman of Nashville's Beaman Automotive, who is listed as an Advisory Board member. As an adviser to Chairwoman Kathleen Starnes, whom Mr. Collins alleges has shown a deep personal animosity towards him, I am curious to know what role Mr. Beaman is playing in all of this.

I'm especially interested to know because part of the controversy over Matt Collins is his public refusal to shake hands with bailout voter, Zach Wamp. And if you examine the public records of Lee Beaman's donations, you'll find a trail of money that leads to "Friends of Zach Wamp."

Please bear in mind that I am not making an accusation here, but asking a legitimate and earnest question. I would really like to know. Is Lee Beaman of Beaman Automotive playing a role in the ousting of Matt Collins? Has he been advising Chairwoman Starnes to purge the County Party of Matt Collins and other "Ron Paul" Republicans? What does he think about all of this?

Why don't you consider e-mailing him and asking him? Especially if you're from Nashville Davidson County. I would be hesitant to purchase my next vehicle from Beaman Auto group before knowing where he stands on this issue, as he is a major voice in the local party.


TAO said...

OMG! Do you think? :)

If it wasn't for big business then big government would starve!

W. E. Messamore said...

Lol- I don't think or know anything. And I really am not trying to make an accusation here. I'm just asking the question. I'd like to know the answer. For all I know, Lee Beaman admires Matt Collins and is advocating for him to Kathleen Starnes- which would be wonderful. I just don't know, and I would like to.

TAO said...

OH, and you have such a BRIGHT future in politics! You really squirmed out of that one!

One day we will be voting for you!

YOUR future is set!

W. E. Messamore said...

:D Seriously! I just want to know what this key player in Nashville's GOP thinks about all this.

I really don't have enough information to responsibly or credibly make an accusation.

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