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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"The Lady Liberty Flag" - A New Flag of the Third War for Independence

THL commentator Hans Mentha of Raleigh, NC has designed and displayed a beautiful flag for the resurgent liberty movement in America today and you can see him proudly displaying it above in Washington DC.

A lot of thought went into this and I think it very nicely summarizes the goals and principles of our contemporary freedom revolution.

He writes:

"A new flag should properly identify our struggle toward the ->Third<- war of independence. (The war of 1812 is known as the Second war of independence.)

Last winter I designed a flag that I've been carrying to events since the spring. It is based on historic symbols that reflect a respect for liberty...

My motivation for design of an alternative was to create something out of traditional elements, visually similar to the US flag, that would stimulate folks to ask questions and talk about what is happening in our nation.

Over the last century, we as a people have been willing to accept 'progressive' tyranny and Keynesian economics from our governors while we pretend to still believe in Liberty and free markets.

For me, an alternative flag is a 'battle standard' to rally attention until such time as we restore our Republic. At that time our traditional US Flag will once again suffice."

You can click the image below to enlarge it and read more about the flag that Hans designed:
Symbols on this Flag:

1. Nine vertical red and white stripes honor the American Colonies that protested the Stamp Act imposed by Parliament and George III

2. The cobalt canton, color of the Continental Army coat, represents a "blue-sky" of boundless optimism and limitless opportunity

3. Thirteen letters in the motto celebrate those American Colonies that fought United to establish themselves as independent States

4. "Live Free Or Die" expresses the conviction of men who shed blood so that we might dwell without coercion in civil society

5. A gold coin confirms specie as proper money, an exchange medium and store of value immune to manipulation and corruption

6. The image of "Lady Liberty" on the coin reminds everyone that free men defy oppressive governments and depose tyrants

Where can you get your own?

In Mr. Mentha's own words:

I've shared the PDF freely as an explanation for folks who inquired about the 3'x5' printed flag flying in the breeze. (The "base" 9-stripe is one of the pre Revolutionary War flags of the Sons of Liberty.)

This design was inspired by the historical fiction novels "Sparrowhawk" by Edward Cline. Mr Cline has a very unique perspective on Liberty and our Republic. He publishes regularly at Rule of Reason and should be on your reading list (if not already).

You may post the PDF on your site for folks who might be interested in making one of their own. The design elements are all in the public domain. I do not plan commercial production but wish to retain rights to the composite intellectual property.

Editor's note: Please remember that this design is copyrighted. So if you want to publish it or information about it at your website, credit the author: Hans Mentha, of Raleigh, NC.

More about Hans

Hans Mentha has been married to his wife Robin for 38 years. They live on 5 acres of woods in North Carolina and Hans is "purposefully unemployed" (he has "gone Galt" via an early retirement and I say "good for him!").

They're active in the ongoing effort to restore lost Liberty via their local group, NC Freedom. Mr. Mentha will be carrying the "Lady Liberty Flag" on the steps of the U.S. Capital again tomorrow at noon in response to Senator Michele Bachmann's invitation.

If you wish to contact Hans, please use