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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Libertarian News 11/12/09

Libertarian Party Candidates Win Elections
That's right- NY-23 and a couple off-year gubernatorial races weren't the only elections that took place last week. Here is a list of Libertarian Party candidates that ran in local elections across America- some of whom won!

Libertarian Party Candidates Not Trying To Win
Meanwhile, not one but two men in Iowa have formed exploratory committees to run for Governor of Iowa in 2010, but both "readily admit their goal is not necessarily to win," but to educate people and force the duopoly party candidates in the liberty-leaning direction so as not to lose voters.

Michelle Malkin- A libertarian?
Check out this article in which "A former Seattle Times colleague wonders what happened to the libertarian provocateur who used to engage him at their adjoining office doors." It's not a flattering article, but what did interest me about it was the author's claim that when he first met Michelle Malkin at their Seattle newspaper, she was a young, fiery libertarian (as opposed to the typical view of her as a fiery Republican partisan).

Are You A Lonely Libertarian?
No, I'm not hawking libertarian dating websites, I'm referring to the phenomenon of "lone wolf libertarians" who feel like they are all alone in their libertarianism. You are definitely not! Here's a list of ten things you can do to get more plugged in. PS: If you are a deliberately "lonely libertarian" because you're too much of a rugged individualist to work with others for the cause- stop it! Libertarianism doesn't imply stubborn solitude, just voluntary interaction.

Libertarianism and Abortion
This is something I want to start writing more about here at THL, in addition to my comprehensive essay on the matter of science, abortion, and libertarian politics. That's why I enjoyed this brief article on libertarianism and the Pro-Life position on abortion.

What Does Libertarianism Really Mean?
An economics student nails down a definition of libertarianism: "Trivia aside, libertarianism is simply a label for a set of consistently held moral principles grounded in the philosophy that violence never solves social problems. It’s based on taking a reasoned, philosophical approach to complex moral problems — or working from first principles — rather than resorting to political 'pragmatism' or coercive statist 'solutions.'"

Classical Natural Law and Libertarian Theory
It was interesting to read an article addressing the convergence of the modern idea of liberty and classical (Thomistic-Aristotelian) philosophy, especially since my friend and colleague Ben Bryan and I have taken it upon ourselves to justify libertarian politics from Aristotelian/Thomistic metaphysical and ethical premises. Warning: the article is very technical.

Libertarianism: Too Big and Too Busy
To wrap it all up, Cato's David Boaz opines with his tongue in his cheek that as the message of libertarianism starts to catch on, we're getting too busy to keep up with all the great liberty events happening these days!