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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Libertarian News (11/15/09)

"Glibertarianism" and Knee-Jerk Anti-Leftism
Interesting thoughts in this article, which warns that "In what they argue about, how passionately they argue about it, what hills they decide to die on, many libertarians care far more about resisting what they perceive to be a dogmatic or empty liberal agenda far more than they care about implementing their own agenda."

Libertarian Scholar Backs Drug Legalization

"Rooting his talk in the tenets of libertarianism, scholar Walter Block advocated last Thursday for the legalization of all drugs as the solution to eradicating the negative repercussions of government regulation. In place of the current legal regime, he argued for a competitive market."

Libertarian litigators challenge Dallas sign ban
"The Texas Chapter of the Institute for Justice, a nonprofit libertarian organization based in Washington DC, filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday against the city of Dallas' sign ordinance. The ordinance, according to a Dallas Morning News article, restricts where and how many signs stores can post in their front windows, glass doors, and on the building's fa├žade."

Glenn Beck Responds to South Park
Glenn Beck reminds us that the South Park creators are libertarians before playing clips from their most recent episode, which parodied him:

And oh snap! Alex Jones' website says Beck shouldn't be surprised that he's being parodied by the South Park guys because he's not a true libertarian.

Left nor Right embracing liberty
What a breath of fresh air this article is! It's rare and deeply satisfying to read someone write about liberty, "the left," and "the right" in a way that isn't entirely muddle-headed.

The Rand Renaissance?
Campus Progress takes a look at the burgeoning libertarian youth movement on America's college campuses from a "progressive" perspective.

Want to Run on the Libertarian Party Ticket?
Here's how.

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