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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Mainstream Media Bias

By: Heidi Moseley, THL Contributor

It is 2005. We’re in the middle of the Iraq War. The country is divided over the war. MS-NBC is nightly condemning the Bush Administration. They put President Bush’s staff under constant scrutiny.

CNN claims that President Bush and his aides are far-right wing extremists. This pushes the Bush Communications Director to say that the White House will treat MS-NBC and CNN as if they were political opponents.

Then Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly invites the CEO of Media Matters for America, David Brock on his show for an interview. Instead of discussing the pre-determined points, O’Reilly personally attacks him.

Do you think that the rest of the main stream media would cry out against such egregious attacks on the first amendment and blatant media biases?

Yet all of these things have happened. It’s just reversed. The Obama Administration is waging a war against a private cable news network- Fox News.

Anita Dunn, interim White House Communications Director, is focused on Fox News to catch them in any lies or missteps. The New York Times quoted her as saying of Fox: “We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent.”

She clarified this on CNN’s Reliable Sources: "The reality of it is that Fox News often operates almost as either the research arm or the communications arm of the Republican Party.”

One of the many examples of the vitriolic bias of the left-wing media is The Rachel Maddow Show on MS-NBC. During a 10-minute segment with Tim Phillips from Americans for Prosperity, she quickly switched topics from health care which was the agreed upon topic.

Instead she attacked the Americans for Prosperity Foundation chairman, David Koch, and another board member, Art Pope. Both of these individuals have donated a lot of money to get everyday Americans involved in the national political scene.

Tim Phillip pointed out the hypocrisy of her attacks as George Soros is the main funding source of and a major donor to the Democrat Party. Soros was a driving force behind the election of President Obama. Maddow had no answer.

Where are the mainstream media and why do they remain silent? They are playing the administration's game at the moment, but I would venture a guess that the President would turn on the media if they began asking tough questions, beyond what Michelle is wearing and how it felt to win the Nobel.

Instead they called the people attending Tea Parties and Town Halls "mobsters," "racists," and "un-American." They grossly under-reported the size and scope of the 9/12 Tea Party in Washington DC. They sided with those in power over every day Americans.

The news media were specifically given rights in our Constitution’s First Amendment. We expect our news outlets to report accurately and fairly. We want the media to stand up against bullies no matter how powerful they are.

Lately though it seems that we can no longer trust the mainstream media to tell us the truth.


  1. "Mainstream Media" is defined as.....?

    If you define 'mainstream' as ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, and Reuters for example then Fox, CNN, MSNBC become 'Cable News'

    Which means that your whole argument disappears because basically you are comparing Fox News vs. MSNBC.

    We have all heard the stories about George Soros and his wealth controlling this country and I do like the way that you gloss over David Koch and how he uses his wealth to do the same exact thing.

    Who's richer?

    In regards to the 9/12 marches which I am sure were well attended their coverage was extreme in light of the fact that the national gay equality marches which were held just a few weeks later, and which were just as well attended got absolutely NO coverage whatsoever from anyone.

    Thus if you want to talk about media "agenda" you should really be exploring this subject from a totally different perspective...

    Of course you could start with why do certain news organizations have typo's on party affiliations whenever a republican does or says something stupid...why do they change his party affiliation?

  2. Heidi, the "mainstream media" has never, ever, in the history of our country been unbiased. If you look at the role of newspapers in our country, they were never "fair and balanced;" in fact, newspapers were the primary driving force behind politics for decades before the creation of permanent party institutions. Throughout most of our history such partisanship was pretty blatant. It has only been over the past few decades that the media has pretended to be objective.

    Also, I surprised that someone claiming to be a libertarian could write the sentence, "The news media were specifically given rights in our Constitution’s First Amendment." The Constitution has NEVER given anyone any rights at all; the Bill of Rights merely emphasizes that certain inherent, pre-existing rights ("Natural Rights") must not be violated by the Federal Government. (Of course, that's never really stopped the government, as it?)

  3. "We expect our news outlets to report acturately and fairly."

    We do? I'm always kind of surprised when any mainstream, i.e. corporate, media outlet manages to scribble down a few facts accurately. As for fairness, well, life is not fair, neither is the truth. To expect "fairness" from the media, is to expect them to lie.

    "We want the media to stand up against bullies." If they were willing or capable of this, blogs such as this one would be unnecessary.

    "Lately, though it seems we can no longer trust the mainstream media."

    Assuming one ever trusted them to begin with.

    The corporate media in the United States are nothing but the scribes and stenographers for the representatives of the global warfare and corporate welfare state, otherwise known as the Republican and Democratic Parties. Neither accuracy, nor truth, nor fairness is their goal, but rather reproducing the mentality that maintains the social and political status quo.

  4. You may want to watch this video (8 parts) about Bias in the Media?
    Behind the Big News


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