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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nader vs. Dodd = Peter Schiff!

That is correct. Ralph Nader is considering a run for US Senate on the Green Party ticket, challenging Christopher Dodd in Nader's home state of Connecticut (hat tip to the Left Coast Rebel for this excellent find):

"Ralph Nader says he wants to gauge the level of grass-roots support before deciding whether to make a bid to represent Connecticut in the Senate."

If Ralph Nader goes through with a potential 2010 Senate bid, it could be good news for Republican contender Peter Schiff, who has already raised over a million towards a 2010 run and was definitely right about the US economy's imminent recession years before it happened, when everyone else thought the party would last forever.

How incredibly iconic would it be for Peter Schiff to challenge and defeat Christopher Dodd, one of the chief architects of the bubble that popped so destructively and hurt so many Americans in the past couple years? And if Ralph Nader makes a run for it, he'll likely split a lot of votes with Chris Dodd and help Schiff out a ton.



  1. While we want Peter to win the primary, and we need to support him 100%, we need to also acknowledge that the other two GOP candidates in the race, are pretty decent from our libertarian standards; the wrestler lady Linda McMahon is quite flashy and interesting, and Rob Simmons is a principled fiscal conservative.

    Whoever prevails for the GOP we Libertarian Republicans need to support him or her, all the way against the evil Dodd.

  2. You know I should look into them and see what I think. I honestly don't know enough about either of them to have an opinion one way or the other.

  3. Dodd is getting the bulk of his support from wall st bankers in return for handing them a blank check from the treasury to write off their bad assets.

    Please make a donation to schiffs campaign. because most of us little people cant afford to donate the maximum allowable campaign contribution while Dodds wall st financiers can, we need to make up for this in volume.

    If each of Dodds banker friends donates $7200 dollars, we need 72 people making a 100 dollar donation to schiff.

    Other important campains to support include Rand Paul and Ron Paul. With enough people in office who actually represent middle class America we can stop the insanity taking place in Washington.

    Because there are no good candidates in my home state I have selected a few key candidates in other state whom I will support.


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