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Monday, November 9, 2009

Nancy Pelosi's Health Care Reform Bill Has A Long Way to Go in the Senate

This was definitely a tough weekend to swallow for patriots around the country as we watched Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats ram an unconstitutional bill through the House, under the cover of darkness, late on a Saturday night.

But thankfully the fight isn't over yet! This bill still has to make it through the Senate, and The Cato Institute's Chris Moody e-mailed me a list of 7 reasons (by Cato's Michael D. Tanner) why it will have trouble in the Senate (if we- IF WE- have the courage to talk to our Senators and fight this legislation!):

The fat lady hasn’t even started to warm up yet.

The narrow 220-215 victory in the House on Saturday night was a step forward on the road to a government takeover of the health care system. But as close and dramatic as that vote was, that was the easy part. The Senate must still pass its version of reform—which will not be the bill that just passed the House. Nancy Pelosi was, after all, able to lose the votes of 39 moderate Democrats. Harry Reid cannot afford to lose even one. A conference committee must reconcile the two vastly different versions. And then, Pelosi must hold together her 3 vote margin of victory (if it gets that far). Yet several House Democrats who voted for the bill on Saturday said they did so only to “advance the process.” Their vote is far from guaranteed on final passage. And, House liberals are almost certain to be disappointed by the more moderate bill that may emerge from the conference.

Among the more contentious issues:

Read all 7 here.

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