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Friday, November 13, 2009

Pelosi's Healthcare Bill Is Anti-Labor, A Devastating Tax On Working Class Americans

Read this right away!! Read it and share it with as many people as you possibly can. Promote it on as many social media sites as you possibly can (such as Facebook and Digg). And of course- e-mail it to your U.S. Senators!

This is the best, most-specific, most well-written, clear-cut, fact-based critique of the Democrats' health care bill, HR 3962, that I have yet read.

It provides incontestable arguments based on textbook, uncontroversial economic facts that "the Democrats' bill will seriously harm precisely those poor and uninsured citizens it is ostensibly designed to help. The harm will come by compounding mass unemployment and depriving these citizens of consumption choices."

(Hat tip: Nashville Post Politics)

Highlights from the article:

Not only will "PelosiCare" result in more unemployment:

"Depending on the specific plan and other variables such as location, this amounts to a direct labor tax of approximately $300 per month for an individual... The implication of this increased cost is that workers whose revenue productivity is less than $300 per month higher than their wages will be laid off, or have their hours cut to the level that will classify them as part-time."

But it is also a regressive tax:
(i.e. a tax that hits the poor harder than the rich!)

"We can say, as a mathematical certainty, that this labor tax is a regressive tax. Because the tax is defined as 72.5 percent of the same premium for all workers, that absolute tax will fall more heavily on workers for whom the tax represents a higher percentage of their wages or salary."

Please everyone read this article!! And if you go out of your way to share only one thing this month with others and with your Senators- share this!

And if you are a supporter of Pelosi's health care bill, either refute this article's claims or publicly retract your support for "PelosiCare" and share this article with others to help them see why the compassionate thing to do, the progressive thing to do, the liberal thing to do- is to be an "obstructionist" and oppose this legislation.

It will not make things better, but worse for working class Americans.