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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Redesign at

As some of you may know, in addition to my passion for liberty, I absolutely love good design. I am always pursuing the convergence of ever-better functionality with elegant beauty, which is the source of THL's clean, user-friendly look and feel.

In addition to living the life of my dreams by fighting tyranny through the power of words and ideas here at this blog, I want to start helping others to do the same thing by offering professional, but affordable consulting and web design services.

For a great example of my work, take a look at the Left Coast Rebel's newly-redesigned and rebranded blog:




"The Rebel" runs a really great blog. I'm amazed at how dedicated he is at hitting away with a constant, never-ending stream of new, up-to-date content. He also has a lively and loyal following of great readers and other bloggers. His blog is more than a website, it's a true community.

But he and his readers were definitely not getting the most out of all that hard work. The sidebar was cluttered and difficult to navigate. The page took ages to load, and sometimes nearly crashed my browser, preventing me from visiting as often as I would have liked.

And while the Rebel knows a lot about politics, he just didn't have the technical or creative knowledge to see how easy it would be to make his blog leaps and bounds better, while getting and creating way more value, and reaching a much larger audience.


That's where I came in, and after spending a lot of time talking to the Rebel about his goals, values, and vision for, I designed a new logo and custom buttons to remove a lot of clutter from his sidebar and place it on easily navigable, static pages.

Here's what his readers had to say after the redesign:

-Look's great. Easier to read; quicker to load.

-Mucho faster load time.

-It loads quicker...

-Ditto on the load time. Looks good, very clean.

-It does seem to load faster

-It loads way faster, which is nice and looks good.

-It is clean and simple. I like it.

-Fresh! And I think getting a lot of links off of the front page quickens up the load time.

-this looks really streamlined and fresh!

-Gotta Agree, Rebel, It's much better for all the reasons above.
Great job!

-The new layout looks great.

-Man, this sucker is lightning fast. Good layout. Wow!!

...and the list goes on!

The Absolute Necessity of a Faster Site

Notice how many of the comments remarked on how much faster his blog is after the redesign? Here's why that's important:


"If a tree falls in a forest, I don’t know if anyone hears it – but when your blog crashes or takes forever to load, I guarantee you nobody is reading.

When you work hard on your content, but aren’t able to capitalize on the attention because your blog takes too long to load you are throwing away hours of hard work and thousands of visitors.

When your site is running quickly people don’t notice – but if your blog is down or slow, visitors will complain or worse (and much more frequently) just leave.

In fact, if the very first page a visitor sees takes even a second too long to load, they are likely to leave instantly without reading anything – on to the next shiny thing that has caught their interest, and on to someone’s blog that is optimized."

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