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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses RJ Harris

A couple days ago I was thrilled to learn that RJ Harris, US Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma's 4th District has been endorsed by The Republican Liberty Caucus.

Below is the RLC's letter of endorsement which you may also find at


November 17, 2009

The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to announce its endorsement of R.J. Harris in his campaign to represent the 4th District of Oklahoma in the House of Representatives.

The RLC Board of Directors selected Mr. Harris as one of its first endorsed candidates for the 2010 primary season because of his issue stances in support of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise. We believe Mr. Harris will be a strong defender of liberty as a member of Congress and an outstanding representative for the people of Oklahoma.

“As a soldier Mr. Harris has pledged his life to support and defend the Constitution. He has the character and integrity to be the next Congressman from Oklahoma because he has done something that most congressmen have not done, and that is he has actually reads and understands the Constitution,” said RLC National Committee member Dan Sheill.

Dave Nalle, of Texas, the national chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, mentioned that “what separates R.J. Harris from most conservatives today is that he fully understands that respect for the 10th Amendment and federalism requires that Congress and the President cannot legislate social policy that is properly reserved to the states.”

The Republican Liberty Caucus wishes Mr. Harris good luck in his campaign, and will do everything in its power to promote him and Republican candidates like him to bring the Republican Party back to its core principles of individual liberty, limited government, and free enterprise.


  1. W.E.,

    Sorry to post offtopic here. I told you that I'd come back and let you know when/if my concealed carry permit was approved in Broome County. That story seems to have been closed for comments though. Perhaps you can move this comment for me?

    My CCL was approved in September. Been carrying without issue since then. Our system still sucks (why can't we have shall-issue like the majority of the US?) but at least here in Broome County it is possible to obtain a CCL with a little bit of effort. My friends who live in downstate NYS aren't nearly that lucky.

    Keep up the good work! :-)

  2. I re-allowed comments and tried to move it, but it seems to be acting strangely. We'll see if it shows up soon, but it hasn't shown up yet despite saying that the comment has successfully been published. Anyways, thanks for following up with me!

  3. Never mind, it just took a few minutes to appear! Thanks again and I'll be deleting the comments from this post soon.


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