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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Truth About Rand Paul

Yesterday I published an article at the Daily Paul to remove any doubt that Rand Paul is in his U.S. Senate race for all the right reasons.

I've read both here at this blog and elsewhere, the comments of a few skeptics who worry that Rand is an opportunist. I can tell you with certainty and conviction (from first-hand experience) that this is untrue.

Read the article and find out why.


  1. Nevertheless, Wes, it still appears that Rand doesn't have Gitmo figured out yet. Sincerity aside, as far as I can tell he's dead wrong on some very critical points regarding the war on terror if this position from his website is accurate (and I have no reason to believe it isn't):

    It seems like he needs to re-read The Revolution Manifesto and watch some vids of his dad:

  2. Did you catch my article at Daily Paul with his spokesman's remarks?

  3. So we disagree with him on one issue. The same issue that every other Republican and Democrat in the US Senate disagrees with us on -- only they disagree with us worse.

    We have a chance to elect a true Constitutionalist who'll stand up and filibuster bad legislation and try to prevent their passage. Even if he only fillibusters and stonewalls 95% of the bad legislation instead of 100% because of his misguided views on GitMo, that still makes him a net good.

    And not just on the margin. it makes him a net benefit to the protection of liberty by Miles.

    Let's not throw away the one shot we have of electing the only viable candidate we have for the US Senate because of a disagreement on a single issue.

    I invite you to read this
    Divide and conquer: It's What The Establishment Wants


  4. No, I'm not saying throw away the "one shot we have..." but rather persuade him to be less neo-con. Honestly, we have a better chance with him than any other Republican on the ballot, period, because of the serious clout we can garner because of his dad. He should know better, and we should tell him so. Heck, his DAD should tell him so. Don't get me wrong, I like Rand Paul, and Wes's clarification (which I have read) has definitely made things *better*, but I'm not going to just say "well that makes Rand a consistent libertarian now..."

    Let him make known he is unabashedly, unapologetically *just as libertarian as his father through consistently libertarian viewpoints* and he will do well. He needs to do as well or better than Wes in clarifying his own views. He owes it to the libertarians who, for the sake of his father, have supported him since day 1.


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