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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

W. E. Messamore at Nashville's End the Fed Rally and on Eric Dondero's Liberty Show

"Wesley Messamore, center, leads a chant of 'End the Fed' with protesters as they march through the streets of Nashville on Sunday in opposition to the Federal Reserve Bank. Protesters nationwide have called for an audit of the Federal Reserve. (JOSH ANDERSON / FOR THE TENNESSEAN)"

Hey folks! At this Sunday's nation-wide End the Fed protest, we had a great march in Nashville (here's a quick clip I filmed of it) and as it turns out, I got my picture in Tennessee's newspaper of record, the Tennessean. You can read the full article here:

The crowd listened to speakers for a half-hour before walking from the Federal Reserve building on Rosa L. Parks Boulevard to Broadway and then toward the Cumberland River. The group was greeted with shouts of encouragement, thumbs up and lots of horn honking.

PS: the sign in that picture says "Inflation is a Tax!" It's one of the very worst and most steeply regressive (hitting the poor harder than the rich) taxes we pay. Here are 76 Reasons to Audit and End the Fed.

Then yesterday, I was invited on Eric Dondero's Libertarian Politics show along with a panel of other bloggers to discuss current events. Listen to the show using the embedded player below and you'll get my take on indefinite detainment, Rand Paul's U.S. Senate campaign, Sarah Palin, 2010 elections I'm watching, and the health care monstrosity in the Senate: