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Saturday, December 26, 2009

14 Laws Everyone Believes Are Real (But Aren't)

As a libertarian (or for that matter as someone with an iota of common sense), I certainly oppose the arbitrary and often bizarre restriction of our freedoms by the many strange and inappropriate laws on the books of nearly every jurisdiction in the world, including the freest ones.

Sometimes legislators just have nothing better to do, it would seem, or are convinced that by micro-regulating every aspect of human behavior, they can produce better people and a better society. That's why I love (and had a good laugh here and there at) this list of 14 laws everyone believes are real, but aren't.

Did you know in Michigan it's illegal to curse in public? In Minnesota it's illegal to have *ahem* "relations" with a live fish (but a dead fish is fair game, apparently). In Australia you can be fined for changing your own light bulb (only a licensed electrician can legally do the screwing and unscrewing).

Yeah. Silly. Check out the details and the rest of the list here.