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Friday, December 11, 2009

2012 GOP Candidates

Now all we have to do is start moving Gary Johnson toward the center...


  1. I will take two out of those three. Jim Demint could be the spoiler, bucking his party right now in favor of fiscal conservatives, but supports foreign wars. I would take him over a Palin, but Johnson and Paul over anyone else.

  2. If Obama and his cohorts have their way, we probably won't have a free electioni in 2012, anyway

  3. Palin has not the timber to be President. Sorta like Obama, just with a lesser honed intellect and elitism.

    Ron Paul has indicated he is dine with Presidential politics and further candidacy. Age is the factor here. I wish he were 12 year younger.

    I guess that leaves Johnson. A long shot.

  4. Not such a long shot. Governors traditionally end up winning presidential elections, not Senators. In fact, this last election in 2008 was quite an anomaly in US history.

  5. Mitt Romney.. he can help us regain the US economy than any of the Republican and Democrats - far more qualified than them all.

  6. Um... Mitt Romney passed a devastating universal health care bill as Governor of Massachusetts. That's all the litmus test I need to say "hell no" to a Romney presidency.

  7. 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate RJ Harris 'Wake Up America' www.RJHarris2012.com