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Monday, December 21, 2009

Breaking! Hundreds Gather To Protest Global Warming [Picture]

Heidi e-mailed me the above picture with the headline "Hundreds gather to protest global warming." Nice. I decided to repost it here for all of you and am sad that I couldn't find who originally produced it so that I could credit them.

In the corner of the photo (click the image above to enlarge) there's a URL, but it doesn't seem to work when I type it into my browser. Google Image search turns up this same photo with this same headline here, here, and here.

I thought this was very fitting considering all the snow we've had in Copenhagen. And it's not just Copenhagen- Mother Earth has dumped the cold stuff all over the place, including Washington D.C. at the most inconvenient possible time for climate alarmists.

Mr. Boaz of the Cato Institue sums it up quite nicely: "True enough, as President Obama’s courtiers... remind us, one day’s weather doesn’t change the climate... Still, I think we know that if it were unseasonably warm this week, there’d be people pointing that out on television from Copenhagen."


  1. The only thing colder than the climate is the prospect of renewed liberty now that the "Health Care" reform legislation has passed the Senate. When I was a kid we used to play a guessing game called "You're getting warmer". Ultimately someone would win in the end. This time everyone loses.
    I was trying to think of something uplifting to write on my blog this AM, but since I haven't been able to so far, I came over here to spread some gloom. Merry Christmas.

  2. I think the bill's future is much shakier than we're worried it will be, tempting as it is to become despondent with such a relentless assault on our liberty. We've still got a long road to go and the Democrats / moderate Republicans in the House might just be worried enough about 2010 to think before voting for this.

  3. I wouldn't bet my life on it. Come to think of it, we are betting our lives on it.
    But I think they are willing to commit political suicide to attain it. I've been watching this unfold for a long, long time. They believe it is now or never for their socialistic wet dream to come true. They may be correct about that.
    You may have read my essay on the lengths I think they will go to. These are the most dangerous times I have ever lived in, and I've lived quite a while.

  4. I sincerely hope you are wrong (and I know you do too). In the meantime, we must remain vigilant, active, and vocal.