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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coca Cola and Hopenhagen

An Open Letter To The Coca Cola Company
Re: Hopenhagen Sponsorship

Dear Coca-Cola Company,

I have always loved your products and your brand. Some people are Coke people; others are Pepsi people. I have always been a Coke person. One of my favorite things about this time of year has always been drinking an ice cold Coca-Cola straight from the glass bottle, and seeing those endearing polar bears on television finding similar refreshment in your perfect, carbonated beverage.

It is because of this intense brand loyalty that I was deeply saddened to hear about your corporate sponsorship of Hopenhagen, a project to persuade the parties at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen to enact substantial restrictions on the commercial and industrial activity of the world's people.

To begin with, I am shocked to see your company so willing to jump into the fray of a polarizing and bitter controversy. Whether or not Coca-Cola's top executives and board of directors believe the question of anthropogenic, CO2-driven global warming has been settled, it remains clear that many of Coca-Cola's customers do not consider the question settled or the controversy closed.

Why would Coca-Cola deliberately alienate and offend so many of its customers like myself? Whatever Coca-Cola's intentions may be, it is my conviction that schemes to restrict carbon-emissions are less about saving humanity and the planet's ecosystems from an imminent climate disaster, and more about establishing control over the world's citizens and lining the coffers of climate "entrepreneurs" like Mr. Al Gore.

It is because of this conviction that I can no longer in good conscience purchase Coca-Cola products, at least for a time. I cannot contribute to the profits of an organization which uses them to support, whether deliberately or unwittingly, policies that will harm the very poorest of the world for the profit and benefit of the powerful, wealthy, and influential.

Other than the publication of this open letter, I am not going to be a loud and boisterous boycotter, because I love Coca-Cola and its products too much. Instead I am a very sad and very reluctant boycotter. And I am very angry that your company has driven me to this by its partisan actions. Global warming alarmists and global warming skeptics alike enjoy your beverages! Why not just focus on pleasing your customers?

A Disillusioned W. E. Messamore


  1. Perhaps it is because they wish to insure a head table spot at the new emerging world order.

  2. I certainly think you have a fair point to make. I'm not even going to speculate. This bothers me way too much. I'm just going to try to forget about it as much as possible. They don't get it- I REALLY REALLY LOVE COKE AND NOW I FEEL LIKE EVERY TIME I DRINK IT I'M SLURPING DOWN COMMUNIST COLA! *pouts*

  3. I enjoyed the piece Wes. I wrote a boycott piece myself not too long ago.

  4. I think you make a great point there. I agree entirely. Another reason, I'm not doing much about this other than expressing my irritation. I certainly think it'd be a waste of time to launch a website entitled "Boycott Copenhagen Cola!" or something. Thanks for the link.