Friday, December 4, 2009

Gary Johnson Interview

In an exclusive one hour interview this Wednesday, Gary Johnson and I discussed his remarkable record as governor in New Mexico, America's quickly diminishing civil liberties, and his new advocacy group, Our America Initiative.

Want to hear what he had to say about a potential 2012 bid for U.S. President? Listen to the interview in its entirety here. I was thrilled to hear Mr. Johnson say that he loved the title of this website and would describe himself as A Humble Libertarian.

Want to learn more about who Gary Johnson is? Read my article about him here: "The Next Ron Paul..." and see how you think his actual record compares to Sarah Palin's or any other GOP presidential hopeful.

And again, don't forget to check out this very candid and inspiring interview with Gary Johnson!

More on Our America Initiative:



John said...

Gary Johnson certainly looks like just the kind of person America needs. Interestingly, I think the hardest part for him will be the Republican nomination and not the general election against the current disastrous president.

People like Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty have much better name recognition, which is a big advantage for them. Despite Johnson being superior to both, in politics something as simple as name-recognition is enough to win votes.

As I've said elsewhere, if Johnson can get a big name like Sarah Palin to support his candidacy in the primaries, that'll immediately make him a household name and thus give him a good chance for the nomination.

Though I like Sarah Palin, I hope she doesn't run as Gary Johnson really is a great guy and it would be a shame for the Republican vote to be split in so many different directions, with the end result of someone like Romney winning the nomination.

W. E. Messamore said...

Agreed! We gotta get him through that GOP nomination first.

Josiah Schmidt said...

Learn more about Gary Johnson and his stances on the issues at and

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