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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Gary Johnson's New Advocacy Group: Our America Initiative Launches!

In my interview one week ago with two-term New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, he announced his new website would be ready very soon.

Mr. Johnson said the site could be active within 24 hours, which didn't happen. So in the past week, people have been getting anxious for the website to go online and I was getting e-mails like this one:

Hey Wes,

Great job on the Gary Johnson podcast [listen here]. You posted it a few days ago, but I see that (at least for me ... ) Gary Johnson's 5014c website, is not up (it actually asks me for a password). Any update?


Well folks, your wait is over: the site is active! Here's the description from Our America Initiative's About Page:

"America is in a crisis that affects the future of every citizen in our land. There is no THEY poised and ready to swoop in to protect our liberties and restore what has been taken. There is YOU and there is ME. We alone have to shoulder the burden of advancing the cause of freedom in our nation. Each of us has a role and a duty to perform because it’s OUR America. The time is now. The price of our liberty will only get higher the longer we delay.

Mission Statement: OUR America Initiative seeks to broaden the parameters of the public policy debate of current topics in the national arena. We look to enlighten the population about civil liberties, free enterprise, limited government, and traditional American values. It is our aim to increase the amount of discussion and involvement regarding all-important issues.

The OUR America Initiative is a 501c4 political advocacy committee and may receive unlimited donations from both individual and corporate donors. Gary Johnson is not a current candidate for any federal political office."

Can't wait to see what comes of this!

And oh yeah- in 2012: Run, Gary, RUN!!


  1. I just took a look and I have to say that I'm not that impressed. Johnson may be better than most politicians these days, but that isn't so hard (there are Mafia Dons more honest than most politicians.) Looking at Johnson's policy statements I immediately saw that he is definitely NOT a libertarian.