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Monday, December 7, 2009

Global Warming: The Debate is Over

The global warming debate has long been shrouded in a veil of "scientism" and the leading climate alarmists in an aura of untouchable scientific expertise. Indeed, they have become modern oracles, unquestionable purveyors of a privileged knowledge.

Today's commencement of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, could not have come at a more embarrassing time for the climate alarmists. The jig is up. The oracles are not such pure and objective adherents to the conclusions of science after all.

The first sign came this October with Levitt and Dubner's publication of SuperFreakonomics. In it, they concede that average global temperatures have been on a warming trend over the past century. Then they outline the most cost effective solution to solve global warming, if it turns out to threaten human civilization or fragile ecosystems.

All it would take is several miles of hose lifted into the upper atmosphere by a helium balloon and a stream of sulfur dioxide pumped up through the hose and into the upper atmosphere. Sulfur dioxides have a reflective property that bounces some sunlight back into outer space.

That's why when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the early 1990's, the earth experienced a period of cooling. All we'd have to do is repeat its effects by releasing some more harmless sulfur compounds into the upper atmosphere.

The total cost would be in the low millions, practically a rounding error on this year's stimulus package. Problem solved. Anyone who believed in our imminent doom due to global warming should have jumped for joy and sighed in relief.

But that's not what happened. Levitt and Dubner were castigated by the media and punditry- especially the global warming alarmists like Al Gore, Joe Romm, and of course, Paul Krugman. They should have won medals or peace prizes or something right? Wrong.

If the alarmists were earnestly afraid of the catastrophic effects of global warming, they would embrace this easy and inexpensive solution instead of deriding its proponents. Instead they continue to hawk their own catastrophically expensive solution: cap and trade, carbon mitigation, and strict population control measures.

This is proof that they are not earnest in their fears. There must be another motive and it is clear in this case that the real motive is power and money. Anthropogenic global warming isn't a scientific fact or even a very good scientific theory. It's a shoddy front for the agendas of Marxism and eugenics.

A global carbon regime that regulates anything which emits carbon is the desired aim of conferences like the one happening in Copenhagen today, not the mitigation of a potential climate disaster due to warming atmospheric temperatures, and the reaction to SuperFreakonomics is proof.

But this tacit admission of fraud was only the first nail in the alarmists' coffin. Things really heated up in the climate debate after an information breach at one of the world's leading authorities on climate alarmism- the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

What surfaced in the leaked e-mails was explicit proof of a fraud: deliberate tampering with data to achieve desired conclusions, deleting and hiding information, ducking and cowering from any criticism, and conspiracy to defame and black list any scientist who did not buy into the dogma of anthropogenic global warming.

Folks the debate is OVER! Give it up! Open your eyes and admit it. Be scientific and accept the very evidence of your eyes: we have been lied to by people whose motives clearly do not involve an objective and open-minded search for the truth and for working solutions to the problems we may face.

Today's summit in Copenhagen is a laughable farce and an affront to free, inquiring minds, and free, productive people. Let's put away these childish things and move on. We have so many more real and pressing issues and problems to solve.

Wes Messamore,
Editor in Chief, THL
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