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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Independent Forum

After a successful blog makeover at The Left Coast Rebel last month, three new bloggers (who prefer to remain anonymous) commissioned me to build a brand for their new blog, and develop a very simple, clean, professional Blogger-based blog and layout.

The result: The Independent Forum, "Your source for non-partisan, grassroots news, analysis, and policy solutions." They've been plugging away for a month now and producing some great work, so I wanted to be sure and give them a plug here and also to advertise my very valuable, but imminently affordable blog consulting work to make your blog better!

So go check out The Independent Forum, browse their fantastic articles (because they're so practical and reasonable, they often end up by espousing very libertarian positions), add them to your blogroll (then contact them so they'll add you to theirs), and if you want to get featured on their website, they are delighted to take submissions for articles. I'll be taking them up on that really soon- you should too!