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Friday, January 8, 2010

Is Rand Paul Too Kooky for Kentucky??

Nope. I recently received the following e-mail from a THL reader:


I am a supporter of Rand Paul...I have contributed financially and have had the pleasure of meeting Rand...If I am able I would even aid him in a door to door campaign this Spring...Needless to say, after reviewing the website I was highly offended. Attached is the email of the gentleman who runs the site and the email I sent...


Dear Sir:

I just finished reading the first page of your site I found it to be incorrect, juvenile, and an insult to the intelligence of the citizens of Kentucky. Your posts have no real substance. Instead, you rely on strange posts found on a Rand Paul myspace page to substantiate claims that Rand Paul is a kook/racist/etc. Rand Paul does not run his own myspace page. Anyone could log onto right now and create a page and claim that it is the official Rand Paul myspace page. Anyone could log onto right now and create a Mike Bryant page and post insulting and crude pictures and/or leave strange messages on the page hoping that it would tarnish your image.

I will do everything in my power to combat the ignorance and lies you profess on your site by sharing the truth about Rand Paul with my friends who live in Kentucky. The time has come for the Establishment Republican Party to crumble and have Constitutional Conservatives such as Rand Paul serve in their place.


J. Fuller

Editor's note: Yeah, I've seen that website. What a joke.


  1. not that I am a big fan of either Paul, but it appears 2kooky4kentucky doesn't like the 2 RP's non support for Israel. I wonder if 2kooky was one of the "Country First" sign holders during McCain's campaign.

    Personally, I am against protesting, I just have no way to express it. ;-)

  2. Wes - Look up my post yesterday on this same topic. Steve Forbes endorsed Rand, one of many ways to disprove this smear.

  3. When Yahoo turned over Chinese dissidents to the Chinese government I imagine that Ron and Rand Paul were against it, even though it hurt the companies profits.

    That is because they hold beliefs that supercede the profit motive.

    Some people believe that enviromental concerns or public health concerns supercede the profit motive.

    I personally believe in the redistribution of wealth. Economic history is generally a concentration of wealth followed by a distribution of wealth, almost always violently.

    In a republic with a large population eligible to vote, if wealth gets concentrated, it will be redistributed through the ballot box.

    I believe in a redistribution of wealth while at the same time realizing the benefits of the profit motive, namely increased production and innovation.

    Doesn't make me kooky or evil. It does put me at odds with some of Ron Pauls beliefs.

    The name calling and other silly shit has got to stop.

  4. Thanks Todd. I'd say you and I are nearly exact opposites when it comes to economics, but it's apparent that we want to actually talk about the issues instead of simply call names, use ad hominem arguments, or fabricate baseless smears. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on things here at THL.

    ...and sometime we totally need to have a talk about wealth redistribution ;)

  5. Yep, it's definitely a joke. I found the website a few months ago. The county chairman who runs the site is trying to make Rand Paul look kooky, but he's the one who ends up looking, if nothing else, immature.

    I've said on my blog before that if anything is gained from a website such as "Too Kooky for Kentucky," it tells us what is expected of the no-substance Trey Grayson.