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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Chance To Tell Congress "NO!" On Dems' Healthcare "Reform"

While the Senate Democrats are bound and determined to pass the Senate version of a healthcare "reform" bill by Christmas, there are still many Americans who are concerned that this bill isn't at all what we need.

Instead, we need to take a step back, have a real dialogue about the problems with our system and how to solve them, and then carefully craft good legislation that will solve these problems without giant expenditures to buy off votes and reward corporate lobbying. That's the right thing to do. That's the statesmanlike thing to do. That's what Americans deserve.

So today's your last chance to tell your Senator to vote against Harry Reid's monstrosity of a bill and support a careful, measured, sane, transparent, non-lobbying, non-corrupt, pragmatic approach to healthcare reform moving forward.

Use the Campaign For Liberty's simple tool to quickly find the Senators from your state, their contact info, their bio, and their voting history. Then leave them a well-written, polite, and urgent message entreating them to vote against Harry Reid's bill. Call them too if you can (calls are better than e-mails). If you have a fax machine, print out a letter and fax it to them (faxes are even better than calls). You can even do all three, which is the very best of all.

Speak out today and make sure they hear your voice before this comes to a final vote.


  1. Thanks Wes,

    I jumped over to that site and wrote to my Representatives. I thanked my Republican rep for voting no and begged my Democratic Rep Senator Casey to reconsider. I wrote the same to good old Arlen Spector. I reminded them that we are a voting household and we will remember who voted yes for this Non-Reform in 2010.

  2. Great work! Even though they passed the bill this morning anyways, there's a long road to go, and the more we voice our opinion, the harder we make it for them to ultimately pass this kind of legislation, and the more nervous we make them about upcoming elections.