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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Next Ron Paul... is Gary Johnson

Here's some more information about the two-term governor from New Mexico whom I will be interviewing tonight at 6:00 PM Central / 5:00 PM Mountain Time. You will be able to listen to the show live or listen to the recording of it afterward here.

The Next Ron Paul Gary Johnson.

Talk is cheap. Every politician says what most Americans want to hear, that he/she is going to spend responsibly, fight corruption, keep America out of open-ended wars, rise above partisanship, and choose principle over party. Even Bush and Obama said they'd do all those things.

One of the things that sticks out the most about Congressman Ron Paul is that he is one of the very, very precious few politicians whose record matches his words. While we may only be seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of Ron Paul's impact on American politics, at 74 his chance at our nation's highest elected office may have passed (he'll be 76 at the time of the 2012 election).

Enter libertarian Republican Gary Johnson, the two-term Governor of New Mexico who wowed the audience during his endorsement of Ron Paul at Dr. Paul's Rally for the Republic. At a youthful 56 and with an impressive number of triathlons and other feats under his belt (he summited Mount Everest in 2003), he has the vigor, health, and longevity that we need in a president. And unlike our current president, Johnson doesn't even smoke.

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  1. Let's hope not. Ron Paul has too much of a kooky isolationist Hate America First reputation about him. He totally turns off mainstream Republicans.

    If Johnson takes the Ron Paul path, his candidacy is doomed. Let's hope he takes the more positive Pro-America foreign policy approach of the sensible Rand Paul.

  2. One more comment: Americans want to hear how our candidates for 2012 are going to deal with the rising tide of Islamo-Fascism. Post Ft. Hood Islamic Terrorist murder spree this is the most serious subject facing Americans today.

    In Paris dozens of cars are being burned nightly by Muslim youth. In Sweden, Muslim youth are rioting on a daily basis in the streets beating up cops. In London, in some enclaves they are instituting Sharia Law.

    And now we have 13 brave American soldiers gunned down on an Army Base in Texas by a Jihadist.

    The latest? That murderer in Seattle who killed 4 cops had joined a Muslim gang while in prison.

    How are our candidates going to deal with Islamic Radicalism in our country? That's the main question. This is no time to retreat!!

  3. I have to disagree with LR on Gary Johnson and non-intervention. I believe you can have a strong national defense while abstaining from military intervention in other country's affairs.

    Should we have gone into Afghanistan after 9/11 to get Bin Laden and the Taliban, of course, but the military should have been allowed to do the job correctly. They should have also been out of there by 2002-2003.

    Now should have we gone into Iraq to depose Saddam? No. Do we need to have bases in 170 countries? No. Do we need to be the world's policeman? No.

    Our military needs to be used for our national defense and to secure our borders.

    As for the Islamo-fascist threat, we need to stop the PC crap and go after people in this country like Nidal Hasan for what they are, domestic terrorists. They can't be allowed to hide behind "religious beliefs" when they are obvious threats to the safety and security of Americans.

    This is true for anyone regardless of what their race or religion is. All domestic terrorists need to be treated harshly and swiftly to the full extent of the law.

  4. Well said, Chris. Eric, I think Ron Paul got smeared as that kind of candidate, but that in truth he was the most pro-America, pro-military, strong-national defense candidate we had. His policies would keep Americans safer than any other set of foreign and military policies. This is why he had more donations from active duty military personnel than any other candidate in any party for the 2008 nomination.

  5. Also, let's keep in mind that the economic situation may be far worse in 2012 than it is now. If such is the case, and many more Americans are hurting then due to unemployment and debt, the population may be far more receptive to viewpoints that are currently considered to be out-of-the-mainstream... and to "non-mainstream" candidates who talk good sense.

  6. This is true too! The "Ron Pauls" of the world are getting way more cred after what they predicted has come to pass.