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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Picture of President Obama in 3rd Grade

Barack Obama's third grade photo:
(H/T- Huffington Post | Star Bulletin)

I don't think too highly of the grown man- but what a cute eight-year-old! I wonder if he ran for president of his third grade class? Maybe on a platform of increased transparency about who really puts their mouth on the water fountain when they take a drink, no more picking on second graders, and more free checkups at the nurse's office?

Too bad that if his third grade presidency went anything like his first year as President of the United States, Barack Obama not only didn't deliver, but did the opposite of what he promised and made things worse.

Maybe it turned out that the class treasurer- Timmy- had been putting his mouth on the water fountain all along, little Barack assigned three more third graders to be hall monitors (and pick on second graders), and while there were more "free" checkups, it came at the cost of long lines, higher prices in the cafeteria to pay her overtime and also gave the new class president access to all his classmates' embarrassing medical records -like who had lice that year.

Cute little kid though! And rousing speaker!