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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Think Tank Lineup ("ClimateGate")

What do some of the libertarian think tanks have to say on the recent information breach of East Anglia's Climate Research Center? Read on to find out:

The Ludwig von Mises Institute
Science or Nonscience?

Hacked or possibly leaked emails appear to indicate that a lot of what passes for climate-change science is propaganda. Data appears to have been filtered, altered, or falsified, in order to deny the obvious: the earth is not continuing to warm up in accordance with climate change models; global temperature has been fluctuating for hundreds of thousands of years due to natural variation; and the earth is no warmer nowadays than it has been at several prior times in history.

The Cato Institute
Cato Fellow Patrick J. Michaels Speaks Out

ClimateGate - Is Global Warming driven by science or ideology? from Atlas Global Initiative on Vimeo.

Patrick J. Michaels on The Bill Handel Show

Patrick J. Michaels on The Laura Ingraham Show

The Independent Institute
The "Scientific" Fraud of Climate Doomsday Mongering

But perhaps of even greater importance is whether these revelations will finally bring to light the need for a serious re-assessment of the actual operations of academia and scientific enterprise. For far too long, "science" has been shrouded in a cloak of unquestionable authority as the final arbiter of all knowledge.

And while not directly related to the recent information breach of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia, the following article is a must-read on the topic of Climate Change, negative externalities, market failure, the philosophy of property rights, and human liberty as the basis for policy:

The Ludwig von Mises Institute

The Ethics of Freedom and Climate Change

What is often called market failure is often just the result of inadequate determination of property rights. Markets are never perfect because human beings are limited in their abilities; proposing that the State fixes alleged problems that individuals cannot solve freely seems to forget that the State is also made up of humans, and perhaps not the best ones (bureaucrats are not disinterested angels, and the worst might get to the top).

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