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Monday, February 1, 2010

Adam Kokesh Money Bomb Today

From the Kokesh Campaign:

We are consistently amazed at the massive size of New Mexico's Third District, which is one of the biggest districts in the country. If the Third District were a state, it would be the 33rd biggest, just beating out Pennsylvania!

In fact, the Third District is bigger than Kentucky and Connecticut combined - two states where very prominent liberty candidates have been running successful campaigns. However, in a district that covers more area than both of those states combined, the Kokesh campaign is operating on a budget about 5% the size of those two campaigns put together.

In addition, the primary process here in New Mexico is daunting. It is designed to discourage grassroots candidates from being able to participate. We have committed large resources to ensure Adam is on the ballot, including running primary campaigns in 16 counties. Bringing volunteers to these events requires substantial financial support. There are entrance fees ranging from $10-50, and many participants require transportation to the event. Hotel rooms and meals also need to be provided to some participants who cannot afford them. Finally, we are hosting rallies at the major cities and counties to bring our supporters together and motivate them to action. We have an amazing volunteer base, but our funds aren't increasing quickly enough to support them.

As you can see, this is a very expensive process, and it only gets more expensive when we move into the State Convention in March. We also can't count on special interests and lobbyist groups to pour money into our campaign, as Adam is a principled candidate and doesn't offer kickbacks or special favors to anyone.

This is why we're counting on our generous grassroots supporters to give us the monetary support we need to ensure Adam is on the ballot. By donating $100 on Adam's Birthday, February 1st, you will be sponsoring a delegate and allowing them to go to their county convention and the state convention without bearing the full burden of the costs. We can't stress how important it is to have the funds necessary to bring delegates in, and how much you will be helping us by donating. With your permission, we will post your name on our website as a "Delegate Sponsor."

If you believe that this country needs Adam Kokesh in Congress, please help us ensure that he is on the ballot, and makes a strong showing at the conventions. These next few months will be crucial to the campaign. Please give $100 or more and sponsor a delegate.


Adam has said before, "You are the engine of this campaign!" He couldn't be more right. We could not be this successful without supporters like you. So don't forget to visit our website on February 1st and be a part of Adam's birthday. Please forward this email to everyone you know so this "Birthday Bomb" can send a loud message of liberty to the Democratic machine.

Your friend in liberty,

Mark Johnson

Fundraising Coordinator

Kokesh for Congress