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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Humble Libertarian Comments of the Week

Corporations and Libertarianism
Reaganite Republican said...

I don't see why the concept of the corporation would be anything libertarians would have a problem with... it's just a legal arrangement between free-thinking individuals to raise capital and dissipate risk, imo- and is as old as the hills: the Dutch East India Trading Co. started with this sort or arrangement in the 1600s. It brings the market efficiency of a floating stock price to it's capitalization, and of course we need laws to provide the corporation the same sort of rights as individuals enjoy under the US Constitution... like freedom of speech. I've always thought that America's treatment of corporations as citizens, really, is one of the things hat made our economy so vital...

todd said...

The problem with 'limited liability' is that the little guy doesn't get it as completely as a 'large' corporation. If you were to form a corporation or any of the other 'limited liability' business entities and then try to get a loan at the bank without waiving your right to limited liability you would be laughed out of the bank.

Teresa said...

Should we not allow groups of people like unions to show political support during campaigns? I believe that everyone should have a right to free speech and not just certain groups.

Your Odds of Being Killed By A Terrorist In Flight
Steve June said...

For the record, that puts (in the 2000s) 45 from pilot error, 9 from other human error, 8 from weather, 28 from mechanical failure, 9 by sabatoge, and 1 other. According to the North American Air Traffic Controllers Association, there are over 28,000 commercial flights per DAY in the United states, which means more than 10 million per year, and 100 million per decade. That means the rate of sabotaged flight crashing per decade is 9 in 100 million, or that your odds of dying from a sabotaged flight being roughly nine one millionths of a percent. Yeah, I'd say those odds are worth the invasion of millions of innocent people's privacy, and the violation of our 4th amendment rights.... please.

Advancing Libertarian Principles

Andrew33 said...

Here in FL, groups such as the 912 project and DC works for US are pushing to infiltrate the Republican party at the local level and push reaganesque aa.k.a libertarian principles. The Irony about Republican voters is that they vote "republican" but want libertarian ideals like smaller government and lower taxes. My parents are pperfect examples. They said they would never support libertarian ideals or vote libertarian. Both scored strongly libertarian on the "Nolan Test" which proved to them the point I am making now. I believe people in different states should do what the voter laws allow. In Florida, with a closed primary system, a 3rd party is nearly impossible so hijacking the Republican party is the best way. there are quite a few 9/12ers within the REC (the FL RNC). Enough that the previous head of the REC was forced out in favor of a leader that will move the party towrds the tea party/912 movement. So I can't speak for everybody in every state except that I hope we can get people with real libertarian principles elected.


  1. Love your statistical analysis of the risks of terrorism. Have you heard the accounts of people on the underwear bomber flight, which claim the terrorist had a "handler" who succeeded in getting him on the flight apparently without a passport? Why isn't the FBI, et al, looking for this person? (We know why ... because they hired him.)

  2. If it were possible to prove that the government set this up to legitimize its purchase of hundreds of body scanners, it would sound the death knell for the Federal government's credibility in keeping us safe. I do earnestly doubt however, that this is the case. But I don't need for it to be the case to oppose the violation of my basic human rights.