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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell Makes Racist Remarks!

Today Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell apologized for racist remarks that were released to The Atlantic. He reportedly opined in 2008 that Democrat nominee Barack Obama would do very well because: "America is ready to elect its first African American President, especially one with light-skin and and no Negro dialect."

Upon learning about the 2008 statement, President Obama condemned it as "hurtful and divisive, especially in these trying times for our country." Several top Democrats and pundits have already called for McConnell's resignation. The Senior US Senator from Kentucky has apologized for his remarks, but made no indications yet regarding calls for his resignation.

...or at least that's how the story would go if it had been a Republican that made these remarks. Instead, it was a Democrat- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The President accepted his apology "without question," top Democrats have run to Harry's defense, and it remains to be seen whether this will end up with Reid's resignation as it most assuredly would had Republican Senator Mitch McConnell made the same remarks, and as it actually did when Trent Lott made troubling, racist remarks in 2002.

My bet is that Reid won't resign. So much for the Democrats' earnestness about fighting racism. This is just one more nail in the coffin of their credibility.

At the very least, we'll see if this new flap plus his abysmal poll numbers might be enough to force Harry Reid into retirement like his colleague Christopher Dodd and many other Democrats this year. Any predictions?

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  1. And the Republicans will defend their own and accept apologies without question as well. The root of the problem isn't as simple as democratic hypocrisy; it's party loyalty over common sense and decency.

  2. To some extent I'm with you there. In this regard, the Republicans are certainly not above reproach. At the same time, it was many Republicans who called for Trent Lott's resignation. I also think that everyday, grassroots Republican people tend to be better about criticizing their own than Democrats (take for instance the Tea Party movement's harsh criticism of many Republican Senators and the whole NY23 affair). Though again, I agree that "party over principle" is the problem and that it does happen in both parties.

  3. Lott implied that 'segregation' was a good thing. Reid commented on how dark a negro was.

    In the big picture, neither really mean crap.

    Lott resigned because the Dems could make political hay out of it. The Repubs can't.

  4. I dunno about that. Segregation was a bad thing and a pretty big deal in my book. Reid's remarks are probably even more offensive than Lott's. If I were a black American, I would be insulted at the implication that only an African American who was "white enough" could be president. If I were any other voting American, I would be insulted that Harry Reid's opinion of me is so low that he believes I would care how dark or light a candidate's skin color is.

    Like Mr. Fremont above, I am no fan of the party duopoly, but part of my distaste is its set of double standards (some of which cut one way, and some of which cut the other). In this case, the double standard on the issue of race cuts against the Republicans and it sickens and frustrates me.

  5. both comments were off hand remarks that should not have resulted in the resignation of anyone. One commented on the electability of a black person, which had never happened before, and who were enslaved less than 150 years ago, and hadn't received thier civil rights until 50 years ago. The other was a comment made to an old man at a party.

    double standards are pretty common in the world, and they are the norm in politics and they certainly have nothing to do with a two party system and can not be used as a critique against it.

    Lott fought to keep his fraternity segregated while he was in college and then commented favorably about a man who ran on a segregationist ticket. That makes him vunerable to political attacks regarding race.

    repubs can get hit on race because they are seen as vunerable.

    dems get hit on national security, because they are seen as vunerable.

    case in point, man tries to blow up plane with his shoe, it in no way reflected Bush's lack of resolve on the war on terror - some guy does the same 5 years later, and it is proof that Obama is going to get us all killed.

  6. Nice Straw Man Argument but pretty much baseless

    No one forced Congressman Geoff Davis to resign for calling then Senator Obama 'boy'

    Trent Lott resigned from the GOP Leadership (but NOT the Senate) after being forced to do so BY HIS OWN PARTY for defending Affirmative Action on BET less than 48 hours before

  7. Todd, the fact remains that Mr. Reid's remarks paint you, and me, and the voting populace at large as a bunch of racists who wouldn't vote for someone if his skin were too dark, which is terribly wrong and shows how out-of-touch he is. And speaking of out-of-touch, who says "negro" anymore? And by anymore, I mean since before I was even born.

    John, I was surprised to hear you bring up that the Republicans had forced Trent Lott out, because I thought that was going to be my talking point, but then it made sense when I read the thing about Affirmative Action. You're going to have to provide some evidence that that's the real reason the Republicans pushed for Lott's resignation. Is there like a leaked memo or something that proves your assertion?

  8. somebody needs to punch mcconnell in his face; until blood flows like an damn river.