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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ron Paul's State of the Union Address

With President Obama's first State of the Union Address tomorrow, Americans should take a look at the real state of our republic by listening to someone whom we know is speaking from a position of principle and true understanding.

Neither Obama, nor the establishment leadership, nor the mainstream media anticipated or warned us of the housing bust, the credit crunch, or the recession- so their credibility is lacking and their appraisal of the state of our union should be suspect.

But Congressman Ron Paul and his economic adviser, Peter Schiff did predict all three. Let's see what their understanding of the state of the union is. As you watch, note how specific and technical Dr. Paul's speech is. Remember that when you hear the vague platitudes and impotent pandering in Obama's State of the Union Address tomorrow.

(Hat tip: Young Americans for Liberty)


  1. the problem with schiff is that he seems unable to time the market.

    timing is everything.

    I agree with him that america needs to be more production oriented - but for me it is simply to reduce the trade balance.

    money offshore will always buy gov't debt (the whole system is set up to buy gov't debt)

    if you want to reduce federal spending, reduce the trade deficit.

  2. I'd rather just reduce federal spending by reducing federal spending. Abolishing a few cabinet level departments and a ton of agencies would help.

  3. reduce federal spending by reducing federal spending?

    what a concept!!

  4. The easy way to reduce federal spending, is to reduce the military spending. America har troops in 130 countries all over the world and spends more on defense than the rest of the world combined. Call our troops home!

  5. I'm worried about the survival of the Great Writ. I'm worried about the survival of the Constitution. I'm worried, and I need to stop worrying.

  6. Anon 1- Agreed! Bring 'em home.

    Anon 2- Worry a little, but don't become despondent; become motivated to do something about it.