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Monday, January 18, 2010

SouthWest Airlines and Terrorism

A nice libertarian, community-driven solution to terrorism. Let the people defend themselves. PS: What ever happened to that bill after 9-11 to arm our pilots? I liked that bill.

Inspired by this comment on this post.

Thanks Todd! :)

(Attribution: I used this photo as source material, and of course the SouthWest logo which is all cool because it's a parody.)


  1. Wes, maybe you should get into marketing, I like it !!!!

  2. Hey, it was your idea! I just slapped it on a poster. Lol.

  3. My brother recently quit his job at TSA, so now I don't feel guilty saying this: disband the TSA, but don't replace them! That's right everybody should walk right onto their planes.

    Don't take the guns off the plane, put more guns on the plane into the hands of active duty and reservist military serviceman and off-duty police officers and give other passengers bats so that a terrorist wouldn't think twice about hitting a plane. I don't have actual facts on this, but I suspect NRA conventions are the safest places to be (I wouldn't do anything unsafe with a gun with other loaded weapons around).

  4. Grab your bag, it's on