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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Tale of Two Tea Parties

From my column at CAIVN:

First there was a "Tea Party" whose members said they did not care about party, but principle. They railed against corporate America's tax-funded bailouts, they demanded more transparency at the highest levels of government, and they stuck up for the little guy against the establishment.

Though predominately composed of "right-leaning" Americans (whatever that means), their anger at a shady, secretive, corporate establishment should have made even Michael Moore proud. Indeed, they echoed the very themes of President Barack Obama's campaign- change, transparency, reform, accountability. In 2009 something truly amazing seemed to be happening in America- an army of white, middle-class, middle-age Americans were actually raging against "the machine"!

When it came down to it, they proved their earnestness and "principle-before-party" politics in the NY-23 special election by opposing the Republican candidate for not being principled enough. Instead they threw their support behind a virtually unknown third party candidate, Doug Hoffman. This gave lie to the claim that the "Tea Baggers" (as they've often been called) were simply hacks of the Republican machine. If that were the case, why would the GOP direct them to support a non-Republican and cause the GOP to lose a seat it has held for over a century?

But where is the Tea Party now?

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  1. Good article Wes. On his website, Joe Kennedy has thanked supporters and promised that he will continue to work toward the goals he outlines in his campaign. And he's looking for help.

  2. Here in FL, groups such as the 912 project and DC works for US are pushing to infiltrate the Republican party at the local level and push reaganesque aa.k.a libertarian principles. The Irony about Republican voters is that they vote "republican" but want libertarian ideals like smaller government and lower taxes. My parents are pperfect examples. They said they would never support libertarian ideals or vote libertarian. Both scored strongly libertarian on the "Nolan Test" which proved to them the point I am making now. I believe people in different states should do what the voter laws allow. In Florida, with a closed primary system, a 3rd party is nearly impossible so hijacking the Republican party is the best way. there are quite a few 9/12ers within the REC (the FL RNC). Enough that the previous head of the REC was forced out in favor of a leader that will move the party towrds the tea party/912 movement. So I can't speak for everybody in every state except that I hope we can get people with real libertarian principles elected.

  3. Thanks for the information you two! I am still not sure of the best strategy- whether it is to break the duopoly or "hijack" it. In any event, I presently support the efforts of true libertarians to do both!